Passionate about wellbeing,

but missing the pieces to get your

 business off the ground?

  • You wonder how you could possibly compare with all the other health coaches and wellness gurus out there.
  • You’re still struggling with your own health issues, so how can you possibly support others when you’re not perfect yourself?
  • You feel like a fraud and that you don’t look like how a health coach should look. You maybe haven’t even publicly shared that you’re a coach!
  • This whole online business thing is leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. You spend more time scrolling through Instagram feeling like crap than doing the work.
  • The tech side of running your business feels impossible to figure out

I know how all of that feels because I’ve been there myself. I’ve struggled with feeling like an imposter in this wellness industry because I don’t look like one of the green juice drinking yoga models and I’m sure as heck not perfect!

The great news is you don’t have to look like a typical Insta wellness guru, or have perfect health yourself to be an amazing health coach or to rock an online biz in the wellness world.

I’m living proof that being a success isn’t only possible, but that your ‘imperfections’ are actually your hidden biz building super powers.

Want to discover what your coaching superpower is?

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  • Are fed up of going round in circles with launching your business since you graduated from your training programme
  • Don’t have a website or are shy about showing off your site because it’s not ‘you’ (or it's just a bit crap)
  • Have no idea how your business is going to create a sustainable income, and you’re fed up of the sleepless nights and money worries
  • Know that your stresses about the competition, your imperfections or your own lack of health are holding you back from making the impact you so desperately want to create
  • Just want to start making money and living that amazingly balanced and fun life you know is possible as an entrepreneur, but have no idea how the hell to make it happen

I created my coaching business because I wanted to make a big impact. I knew what it felt like to be both overweight, and unhealthily obsessed with food and exercise and I wanted to support other women to achieve true healthy balance in their lives. At the same time, I also wanted to create an amazing life for myself. I didn’t hate my previous job, but I found myself thinking ‘there’s gotta be more to life than this’ on a daily basis.

Fast forward 5 years and I’ve achieved everything I dreamed of, and more, all while being imperfectly me. I’m proof you can do this, the world needs you as you are right now, not a few months from now when you hope you’ve finally got your own health shiz figured out!

  • I offer a unique mix of business mentoring and confidence and self care coaching
  • I’ve invested in my own business and personal development consistently over the last 5 years - us coaches gotta practice what we preach!
  • I was creating and launching e - courses and programmes before they got cool and I’ve been active in the online wellness world for over 7 years.
  • I’ve built my own business from the ground up learning a whole host of skills in the process including website and branding design (in a previous life I studied graphic design and photography!) social media, marketing and more.
  • I do all this while juggling my role as a Mum to my 2 year old Finley - I know what it’s like to need to create a business that works for you

Ultimately I know what it’s like to want to get your business growing. I’ve spent 5 years getting myself here and want to support you to get to your version of success, jumping ahead through a few of those years in the process!

When I signed up for coaching with Laura I was really overwhelmed with everything. I had no idea about how to run a business or social media marketing and wasn't even sure how to describe what I do. Laura really helped me to focus on my target market and the aim for my business. I looked forward to our Skype sessions, I never felt rushed and Laura always had useful advice and tips which really helped me to move things forward. Laura has really helped me develop as a coach and I now know exactly who I am and the direction I want to take my business and I'm absolutely buzzing for the future. Laura is so lovely, down to earth and super passionate.  I've really enjoyed having her as a coach and would highly recommend her. Thank you Laura!

Louise Critchlow: New Waves New You

Wholehearted Business Mastermind


This new mastermind programme starts on 1st March 2018

This 4 month mastermind programme includes:

  • 2 x 90 minute 1-2-1 calls
  • Bi weekly group mentoring calls
  • Full support around business strategy and implementation
  • Mindset and self care coaching with a woo woo twist
  • My business worksheets and cheat sheets
  • Programme agreements and policy templates as required
  • Private Facebook Group and members area
  • Monthly instalment plans available

Done for You Programme


This is perfect for you if you're looking to have everything done for you to get your business up and running at a very high level. This 6 month programme includes:

  • Monthly Skype Mentoring Calls
  • Full support around business strategy and implementation
  • Mindset and self care coaching with a woo woo twist
  • My business worksheets and cheat sheets
  • Programme agreements and policy templates as required
  • Beautifully designed business branding
  • A brand spanking new website and complete tuition on how to use it
  • Fully designed opt ins, email list implementation, templates, advice on Facebook ads etc
  • Monthly instalment plans available
  • *literally, this is everything you need to run a high functioning business saving you months and ££££'s

Not sure which option is right for you? Contact me now to arrange your free no pressure call to talk about your business wish list and discover your coaching super powers...


Working with Laura has been the best thing I ever did for my business and wellbeing.

I’d never had a coach before and at first it seemed like a big commitment, especially when I didn’t really know what to expect or what I was going to gain from the experience, in all honesty without Laura, I don’t think I would even have a business right now. I’ve done things I never thought possible, written two books, an online course, hosted webinars, started and grown an email list and started a blog.

I’ve also got confidence in my abilities and am well on the way to earning more in my business than in any previous jobs. Considering I’ve got a 3 year old and a 1 year old that I look after full time, I’ve made incredible progress.

I’m so grateful that I found Laura, she really does walk the walk. She is incredibly honest, caring and kind and she is living what she teaches, running a successful business in wellbeing whilst genuinely supporting women for better health. Most importantly she is not afraid to be herself, showing up like that is the best inspiration I could ever ask for.

Nicola Salmon, Natural Fertility Specialist, Hedgehog Healing

  • A beautiful brand and website you can’t wait to show off
  • Complete clarity around what your business is offering and how it is structured to provide you with income
  • Confidence in yourself, your skills as a coach and an entrepreneur, and a knowing that the things that once held you back are actually the things that your ideal clients now flock towards you for (i.e. your new superpowers!)
  • A vision for your version of success and a work / life balance that literally makes you happy to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work!
  • Being free from comparison

Want to discover what your coaching superpower is?


I haven’t even started my business yet or completed my training, can I still work with you?

Yes of course, this is actually a great time to work with me so you can really get the foundations right and hit the ground running as soon as your graduate from your training programme.

Can you guarantee I’ll make an income through my business if I work with you?

No one can guarantee anything and each person's journey is different, however I can say with certainty that you’ll have a proven structure and system in place as well as the foundational work needed to attract paying clients and customers into your business using methods that work.

Will I need to invest in anything else besides this programme to get my results?

If you are looking for particular design elements or stock photography to use in your branding then there may be a cost associated with that (around £50 depending on what you need). It also makes sense to get some professional photographs of yourself taken to complement your branding (I’d recommend looking into costs with local photographers, however if that’s hard to budget for it’s totally possible to DIY and I can provide guidance around that). If we are looking to set up a website from scratch there will be domain name and hosting costs associated with that. (around £20-£30 per annum depending on the domain name you are after). It’s also possible that it may be beneficial for you to utilise Facebook Advertising which has a cost associated with it, however the idea with this is that you generate back what you spend plus more in sales

Do you work with businesses that aren't online?

My expertise is particularly around online business so I don't work with businesses who's main aim is to serve people face to face or in their physical local area