I'm Laura Agar Wilson.

I'm a Mum, coffee addict and Hygge lover. I help women remember that they are enough.

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Mindset Workshop

Your mindset is the very basis of how you live your life. When you see that your mindset - your thoughts and beliefs both conscious and unconscious - impact everything, that's when you can start and see how powerful working on your mindset can be. But how do you even...

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5 Things February

I know we still have a week of February to go, and honestly I’m struggling to stay present and not just wish the entire month over! The motivation I had in January has most definitely waned and February has felt more like a slog. However I’m trying to remind myself...

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Nairn’s Gluten Free Flatbreads

Crispbreads and crackers that fall into the 'healthy' category don't have such a good reputation when it comes to tasting good. I can remember forcing down dry tasteless crispbreads that didn't taste all that satisfying no matter how much hummus I put on them!...

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Why micro actions will change your life

When you think about how most people try and approach a goal, more often than not one of three things will happen. They’ll either go at it full throttle, they’ll procrastinate and get stuck - or they’ll start by going at it full throttle and then get stuck! Some...

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5 ways to plan a week that rocks

Do you ever get to the end of Monday feeling like the week has already run away from you? Feel like the week is a constant battle to get stuff done where you rarely get any time for yourself? Then this post is for you! For years I’d just let the week ‘happen to me’. I...

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