I'm Laura Agar Wilson.

I'm a Mum, coffee addict and Hygge lover. I help women remember that they are enough.

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Matcha Overnight Oats

Want improved energy levels and mood? Who doesn't right? Especially at this time of year you can find your energy levels totally tank. Well Pure Chimp are challenging people to try including matcha green tea everyday for 14 days to see if they feel the benefits of...

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How to run a successful event or retreat

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Jo from Happy Yoga Newcastle to run a weekend yoga retreat at the stunning Slaley Hall. It was a brilliant weekend with 11 women attending who were able to enjoy yoga, peace and quiet, good...

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5 Things January

I thought I’d start up a bit of a random new blog series called 5 things where I share, you guessed it, five totally random things going on in my life right now. I’m sure this isn’t an original idea in blogland but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it previously to...

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Mindset tips for getting stuff done

Do you ever wish you had more motivation? That you could just decide to do something and then go and do it? You’re not alone. I think all of us have experienced self sabotage in some form, and struggle to get motivated to make any kind of changes in our lives. And why...

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How to enjoy January and February

Does anyone else think January sucks? Apparently a good few of you do! When I put this question to my Facebook group, many of the ladies, like me, find the months of January and February rather tough. With the post Christmas and New Year come down, cold and often grey...

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How to plan for your business

If you read my last post you’ll know I’m a bit of a planning fanatic, I LOVE spending time planning and getting organised especially when it comes to things I’d like to achieve. Where you can adopt more of a fly by the seat of your pants style approach with your life,...

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My 2018 Intentions

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be in 2018, last year wasn’t a terrible year personally but it did feel a little bit ‘meh’. I still had a lot to be thankful for but I am looking forward to moving my life forward in new ways in 2018. I am a big planner / organiser...

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New Year New You?

I have a real love / hate relationship with this time of year. On one hand, the blank canvas of the start of the new year and the pure exciting possibility of it all is wonderful. However the utter bullshit you get bombarded with left right and fucking centre that...

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Welcome to Wholeheartedly Laura

So things are looking a bit different around here, welcome to Wholeheartedly Laura! This change from Wholeheartedly Healthy has been long coming and I'm so excited to introduce you all to my new look site. For quite a while I've felt like the 'healthy' part wasn't...

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