I'm Laura Agar Wilson.

I'm a Mum, coffee addict and Hygge lover. I help women remember that they are enough.

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Mindset tips for getting stuff done

Do you ever wish you had more motivation? That you could just decide to do something and then go and do it? You’re not alone. I think all of us have experienced self sabotage in some form, and struggle to get motivated to make any kind of changes in our lives. And why...

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The easy little way to create big changes

When you think about how most people try and approach a goal, more often than not one of three things will happen. They’ll either go at it full throttle, hey’ll procrastinate and get stuck – or they’ll start by going at it full throttle and then get stuck! Some people...

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5 ways to let go of negative emotions

In a lot of the work I do in mindset with women we work around negative experiences they have had in the past which continue to affect them and their behaviour in an unhelpful way. So many of us (I’d even go as far as to say all of us) have experienced something,...

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3 simple ways to stop emotional eating

Today I'm diving into the juicy topic of emotional eating! Before we get started it's really important to remind ourselves that not all emotional eating is bad. Yes some mythical unicorns only see 'food as fuel' and don't have the messy relationship with food that we...

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