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I’m a coach, blogger and creative. I help women stop living by default and start living wholeheartedly!  Obsessed with: coffee, good music and moon cycles.

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Using the phases of the moon to feel more balanced (Pt 2)

If you missed the first part of this series, be sure to check out my post using the phases of the moon to feel more balanced pt 1 here! In that post I shared the different phases of the moon and a bit about how the feminine and masculine energies exist within us all -...

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5 ways to plan a week that rocks

Do you ever get to the end of Monday feeling like the week has already run away from you? Feel like the week is a constant battle to get stuff done where you rarely get any time for yourself? Then this post is for you! For years I’d just let the week ‘happen to me’. I...

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Using the phases of the moon to feel more balanced (Pt 1)

Do you struggle with feeling balanced? I honestly think everyone does to some degree, the picture we have of what we think balance should look like is often completely unrealistic. For me, balance is more about flowing with the ebbs and flows of life, showing up for...

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