Last week I shared with you my love of green smoothies and my 7 days 7 smoothies challenge. See that post for more info on how to construct a fab green smoothie and the reasons why I love them so!

Each day last week I ate a delicious smoothie containing a large amount of green veggies along with different combos of fruit and other add ins and toppings. I enjoyed them so much I ended up continuing the challenge for an extra day!

I thought it would be good to round up all of the tasty green smoothie recipes I created for the challenge:

P1030600Apple Pie Green Smoothie

P1030654Tropical Green Smoothie

P1030706Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Green Smoothie

P1030749Chocolate Cherry Beet Green Smoothie

P1030820Carrot Cake Green Smoothie

P1030843Nutty Berry Green Smoothie

P1030900Raspberry Carob Green Smoothie

P1030912‘Bounty’ (chocolate coconut) Green Smoothie

I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating all of these! Big thanks to Jessica and Jemma who have been following the challenge along with me – and any of you guys that have been doing it on the quiet. Check out their blogs for some more fab variations including Jemma’s Strawberries and Cream and Jess’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

Interestingly I noticed that my energy levels have been very good this week despite having a bit of a stressful time at work. I’ve also found that it has been easier to focus at work. I do feel that my increased intake of raw food, green veggies, protein and ‘super’ foods via these green smoothies has contributed to this, of course it could just be psychosomatic! I particularly think that adding maca powder to my smoothies has been useful due to its support of the adrenals (linked to supporting stress).

Have I convinced any green smoothie virgins to give them a try? If your already a green smoothie lover what’s your favourite combo? Which of the green smoothies above look the best to you? I loved them all but if I had to choose I’d go for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup!

Hope your having a great weekend!