Happy Friday folks, hope you’ve had a great week! Mine has been good but I’m happy that the weekend has arrived. I can’t quite believe that the Great North Run is on Sunday, eeek! But more on that after some great food…

Yesterday I had my sports massage booked for the afternoon so I knew that my usual Thursday evening gym session would be off the cards. Instead I worked out at home in the morning. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred levels 1&3 back to back followed by the yoga stretch section of the Davina Fit DVD. The shred absolutely kicked my arse, I love that DVD! For a tasty breakfast I made this very autumnal Sweet Potato Smoothie:


I made this with half a baked sweet potato that I’d had stashed away in the freezer, a frozen banana, a scoop of vanilla sun warrior, 1 tbsp of mesquite, cinnamon, ginger, mixed spice, stevia sweetener, water, ice, xanthan and guar gums and topped with some Rude Health Apple and Cinnamon granola. It tasted fabulous! I can’t wait to start having Butternut smoothies again and I have some squash in the freezer ready and waiting :-)

For lunch I had a great snack plate:


This included a slice of my raw juice pulp and brazil nut bread with some sunflower seed butter (this was so so good!) chopped veggies (times this amount by 3, I had more in my lunch box!), two tangerines and a nectarine.

This morning I had to be in work super early so I took breakfast with me. I made a Coconut Lemon Chia Pudding with 2 tbsp of chia seeds, 2 tbsp of coconut flour, juice from half a lemon, stevia and water. I served it on top of a sliced nectarine and some frozen raspberries topped with coconut shreds:


It didn’t look all that appetising but it tasted great! After popping home mid morning for a delivery I headed to the gym and did 15 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer, step machine, bike and rowing machine for a total 1 hour session followed by some abs and core exercises. For lunch I had a usual big salad with cos lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, cucumber, radish, spicy chickpeas and braggs:


For snacks these last few days I’ve been going for little pots of dried fruit and nuts like this accompanied by apples and tangerines galore:


4 dried organic apricots, some of my home dried pear (best dried fruit I’ve ever tasted, so sweet!) and some walnuts. As I was working from home this afternoon and had lots of spinach on its last legs I made a simple green smoothie as a big snack:


This was just spinach, 1 frozen banana, water, ice, stevia and xanthan and guar gums with some bee pollen on top. I love how much banana flavour comes through when the other ingredients are kept simple. 

For dinners I’ve been enjoying one of my favourite Buddha Bowl combos:


Organic adzuki beans and millet with parsley, roast squash in coconut oil, steamed spring greens with shoyu. I have no idea what variety of squash that was but it was amazing, it tasted almost buttery, delicious!

For dessert I whipped up a bowl of Peanut Butter Mousse by combining in the food processor: 1 pack of mori nu silken tofu, 4 tbsp of peanut flour, some water and 1 pack of stevia powder. I used it to top 2 chopped apples:


This just about met my nut butter craving, so wonderfully creamy!

Earlier this week I also received this package of goodies from the guys at iHerb:


These are all Madre Labs products including Coco Cardio, Midori Greens and Eureka Berries Blend. These are all supplements that contain a range of powdered ‘super foods’. I’ve been sent these to review for the blog and when I’m done I’ll be holding an international giveaway! I tried the Coco Cardio which is a combination of cacao, powdered beetroot and hibiscus. It is designed to be mixed with hot water to make a drink. I added some stevia and it was amazing – a really delicious hot chocolate for only 30 calories plus all the benefits of the ingredients. I was very surprised and impressed!

So this is it, the final count down to the Great North Run. I can’t believe its only two days away! I have to admit I’m pretty apprehensive about it, especially after my knee injury. To be honest, my aim for the race is no longer to try and do it in under two hours but just to enjoy the whole atmosphere and actually finish it! I have a quiet day planned for tomorrow which includes making a trip into town just so I can buy the ‘good’ dates! I can’t run without my favourite fuel! I’m also going to do some batch cooking – I got my organic veg box today and I’m going to make a soup, curry and pasta sauce with the ingredients and get the freezer stocked up :-)

So the next time I’ll be blogging will be my race recap, scary! I need you all to send me lots of positive vibes for the race!

Hope that whatever you are up to, you have a great one!