Hi everyone, happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a good week, I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for the weekend!

This week I have done all my workouts according to my plan but was working late on Tuesday so I swapped out my evening Body Pump class for the 30 Day Shred, levels 2&3 back to back followed by Davina Fit Yoga Stretch section before work. For yesterday’s anything goes workout I decided to hit the gym with missing it on Tuesday. I blogged my workout over on my Tumblr page, check it out it was fun! My strength training workouts have been awesome too, this week I increased my sets from 2 to 3 and next week I’m going to increase my reps from 10 to 12 :-)

I’ve had some very tasty eats this week too, so I apologise for all these pics but I just had to share!

Beautiful breakfasts:

P1110077 Raw chocolate courgette pudding (courgette, banana, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, pumpkin seed milk blended and mixed with 2 tbsp of chia seeds then topped with some Living Intentions raw cacao granola)

 P1110090 Porridge made with half Scottish oats and half oat bran mixed with 1/4 cup of peanut flour, defrosted frozen berries and topped with a spoonful of peanut butter with flax

 P1110108 Two slices of fruity cider bread, one with Clearspring Cherry spread and one with almond butter plus chopped banana

 P1110126Current fave green smoothie combo: kale, 2 pears, chocolate hemp protein powder, mesquite, barley grass, ice, water, gums and topped with my raw pear and ginger granola and some hazelnut butter

Lovely lunches:

cameraroll-1318452439.905554 Black bean veggie chilli with spinach and cold roast squash, yum! 

P1110112 Courgette noodles and alfalfa sprouts with spicy peanut sauce (1/4 cup peanut flour, lime juice, ginger, chilli, shoyu) and roast squash (inspired by Gena’s spiralised zucchini with butternut squash and garlic sauce)

Super snacks:

cameraroll-1318452453.095972 Sunshine muffin with redwoods diary free plain yoghurt and a chopped pink lady apple

 cameraroll-1318452461.051754 Raw juice pulp crackers topped with garden pate and alfalfa sprouts, chopped carrots and apple

 P1110103 This was so good – 100% cacao dark chocolate and un-sulphured dried apricots with blob of tahini – amazing tasting combo, plus its packed with calcium! 

P1110131 Sliced apples with a dipping sauce made from home made raw macadamia butter, lucuma and water

Delicious dinners:

P1110100Slightly broken up Socca with parsley served quesadilla style with onion, roast squash and mashed white beans with roast brussels and swede chips on the side. Loving swede chips right now!

P1110120 Vegan sausages with swede chips, roast brussels, roast beetroot and steamed cabbage with shoyu

This week has been a bit of a challenging one so I thought it would be nice to end this post with some Friday Faves to put a smile on my face!



As well as getting lots in my veg box, I went to my green grocers and since they had some in I decided to get all of this! The dehydrator is on making kale chips as I speak. I just love getting the proper big stems of kale, so much better than the machine chopped bags you get at the super market.

This hauntingly beautiful song and vintage inspired video

Having a Starbucks in Durham

cameraroll-1318596098.223984 Chai Soy Latte with cinnamon – prefer their usual big chunky mugs though!

I’ve been working from home today so had the flexibility to pop into town for an hour. James said he would treat me to a Starbucks as he knows I’m trying to be good for the Big Budget Challenge. It was lovely to have a little coffee date, and it reminded me that no matter how skint you are, its important to make time to do something together. We’ve decided that we are going to keep a little cash aside to be able to do things like this, or hire out movies for a ‘date night’ at home a couple of times a month.

Feeling balanced

I really feel like I’m finding my ‘sweet spot’ with regards to balancing my eats and exercise. I love that I’m eating quite mindfully at the moment and honouring my hunger and cravings without it getting out of control. I’m also really happy that I’m achieving a nice balance of my favourite raw foods alongside cooked foods, which I think all the pics above demonstrate.

What are your Friday Faves? Have you got a busy weekend planned? Hope whatever you are up to you enjoy yourself!