Hi everyone, happy Tuesday, hope your week is going well! Just a quick post as I couldn’t wait to share some of the yumminess I’ve had so far this week.

On Sunday evening I wasn’t fancying a normal dinner after eating a large late lunch, so I made myself this amazing bowl of utter heaven:


That pic just does not do this justice! This was 1/3 cup of oatbran cooked in water with mashed roast squash, maple syrup, lots of dark chocolate chips (I buried more in there) and dried cranberries. So lush with the melty chocolate and maple syrup!

Last night for an evening snack I had a sliced fig with some Ghirardelli 100% cacao dark chocolate, tahini and home made raw cashew butter:


Oh my god, the tahini with the fig? Out of this world delicious! I can see this becoming a serious addiction, especially as I just got 4 figs from the reduced section in Asda today!

This mornings breakfast was pretty epic too:


Home made raw pear and ginger granola with walnuts, 2 chopped figs and raw vanilla pumpkin seed milk with a cinnamon hazelnut coffee with pumpkin seed milk on the side. So so good :-)

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Have you eaten anything recently that was so delicious you just have to share? Tell me!

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