Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! Mine has been really lovely and relaxed which is just how I like it :-)

I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning breakfast:


Stove top porridge with apple, blackberries, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and almond butter. I used 1/3 cup of scottish oats and 1/3 cup of oatmeal (I thought I was using my 1/4 cup scoop, until I realised it was in the sink, so this was super filling!) with water, 1 chopped apple, frozen blackberries, cinnamon and vanilla stevia topped with some of the apple, blackberries, raw candied cinnamon pumpkin seeds and some almond butter sauce, so lush!

We headed into Durham for my now routine trip to the green grocers, OOTD:

cameraroll-1319298089.591206Gold swallow earrings: Topshop, knitted wrap around scarf: Dorothy Perkins, leather hooded jacket: Topshop, denim shift dress: Mango, tan cross body bag: Mango, large canvas shopper bag: Wholefoods, gold cocktail ring: Topshop, grey tights: Accessorize, brown brogues: Topshop

After a nice look around town – in which I managed to resist the temptation of the stalls at the food festival, Topshop and Starbucks, I came home and made a delicious Vanilla Chai Coconut Coffee:


To make this I brewed some vanilla coffee and some Clipper Indian chai tea and mixed it up with some instant coconut milk, cinnamon and vanilla stevia. It tasted fab! I had two large mugs of this and I was left with some serious caffeine jitters!

For lunch I had some raw courgette noodles with a creamy garlicy, avocado, basil and nutritional yeast sauce and some black olives:


So good!

I decided to make up some high protein hummus as I had a can of soya beans in the cupboard. I also had some cauliflower so ended up making a hybrid using my recipe and the lower fat hummus recipe from Veganomicon. To my usual recipe, I added the raw cauliflower, shoyu and fresh parsley. I spread some on a herbed socca wrap with mashed squash and served with some cauliflower roasted in coconut oil, parsnip chips and some amazing caramelised brussel sprouts based on this recipe but using coconut oil, maple syrup and toasted walnuts:


Best brussel sprouts ever! These are amazing, the maple syrup (got some from Asda for £2.99, £2 cheaper than Holland and Barrat  – thanks for the tip Maria!) just make these taste so good.

This morning I was up before sunrise for my weekend run. I haven’t ran in the dark for ages, and I got to enjoy a lovely pink sunrise. I did a different route to my usual ones, taking in a nice run past some ‘posh’ houses and tree lined roads with a few hills. I think all of those things combined made it my most enjoyable run for a long time. I did 10k in 54.15 average pace 8.45 which considering the hills and the bit of a breeze blowing, I was very happy with.

Post run breakie was as always a green smoothie containing spring greens, a persimmon, frozen peaches, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, lucuma powder, spirulina, water, ice, gums and stevia, topped with another chopped persimmon, some home made raw cashew butter sauce and goji berries:


The combination of the persimmons, cashew butter and gojis was delicious.

I spent the morning roasting more squash and cooking beans before we went and did the rounds seeing the family. Before we left I had time for a my current favourite snack:


Rice cakes with peanut butter, honey and bee pollen plus a chopped apple, mmm!

My Uncle and Cousin are visiting from Birmingham so my Mam laid on a little afternoon tea. I took along some of my hummus and had it with a huge plate full of salad, carrot and cucumber and some fruity Moroccan couscous:


I had this x 2, that couscous was gorgeous! I also ate my body weight in fresh pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and grapes.

I have to admit it did take a bit more will power than usual to get myself out for my run this morning, but I quite enjoyed running in the dark, and seeing the lovely sun rise. If your a runner do you continue to run outside in the dark when the days get shorter?

Oh, before I go, don’t forget to check out my Kara Diary Free Coconut Milk and Clearspring Miso Soup GIVEAWAY!

Hope you have a great week ahead!