Hope you are all well this cold dark November evening! Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far for UK Bloggers Secret Santa. I’m glad you were as impressed with my embedded form as I was ;-)

Although I am currently doing my Big Budget Challenge and clothes shopping is totally off the cards until the end of the month at least, it doesn’t mean I have stopped torturing myself my looking at the wonderful array of autumn / winter fashion on the high street and online. The little cold snap we had yesterday gave me a yearning for knit ware, and in particular jumpers!

Reindeer jumper, £25, Boohoo Hooded fair isle knit, £20, Boohoo

I could totally see myself curled up on the sofa on boxing day wearing that Fair isle Hoody!



Knitted Snowflake Jumper, £38, Topshop Bead and Pearl Sleeve Jumper, £50, Warehouse

Ivory hand knit cable sweater, £38, Dorothy Perkins

I think any of those jumpers would look great on Christmas Day with some sparkly jewellery, jeans and heels. You could quite easily recreate the Warehouse jumper by sewing on some beads to an existing jumper for a similar look.

FUR TRIM SNOODfaux fur trim knitted mittens

Faux Fir Trim Snood, £26, and matching mittens, £14 Warehouse

Not a jumper, but I saw these and love them! I practically live in my woollen snood, and I can imagine I would wear this faux fur trimmed one a lot too. I think it would look great with my leather look hoody and would be so warm and cosy!

Lush Love

On Friday I popped into Lush to get some more of my favourite Ultrabland cleanser. I’ve gradually been using up all my toiletries and was in need of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, but for some reason I’d not thought about getting them from Lush. I’ve recently started to try and buy beauty and skin care products that are as natural as possible and Lush fits that need perfectly, as well as being committed to various ethical and environmental causes. As I had some spare cash from eBay sales I decided to invest in a few products. I talked to the extremely helpful shop assistant and she recommended the following products for me:


Seanick Solid Shampoo, £5, Lush

Veganese Conditioner, £7.75 (250g) Lush

Snow Fairy Shower Gel, £9.95 (500g) Lush

I have to say, I have been hugely impressed! I would have never tried the solid shampoo but it is fantastic, it lathers up very well and has a great scent. The conditioner is light and refreshing and doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and the snow fairy shower gel smells like bubble gum! I think I can safely say I’m now a committed Lush customer! I was also happy to find a recipe for vegan gingerbread cookies in the Lush Times!

Now for some randomness! The lovely Jess has given me this Tell Me About Yourself blog award. Here are the rules:

Nominees, in order to accept this award you must:
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you – Yep, thank you Jess!
-Write seven random things about yourself – See below.
-Award seven other awesome and inspiring bloggers: Cat@ Knitting Running Eating, Kate@ Running Riot, Ragnhild@ Vegan Aphrodite, Lenna@ Vegan Lenna, Nicky@ Kabocha Fashionista, Sharon @ Bit of the good stuff and Al @ Al’s Food and Fitness Blog

1. I have a bowl fetish. I am very particular about the bowls I eat from, for cereal and muesli I like deep bowls, for yoghurty stuff I like a shallow bowl and for green smoothies, big salads and Buddha bowls I like a huge serving size bowl!

2.I have three tattoos – a rose on my waist I had done when I was 15, a black floral design on my inner wrist and a swirly design with a nautical star on my foot that I designed myself. My hope is to one day get a half sleeve tattoo!

3. My best friend calls me Laurie Law Laws.

4. As much as I love fashion, I’m happiest when in my yoga pants and giant hoody.

5. I’m a bit of a Sci Fi geek, I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Fringe etc and my dream holiday would be to Comic-con in San Diego (and I would totally dress up as Princess Leia).

6. I would genuinely choose a large bowl of roasted kabocha squash with almond butter over a chocolate cake.

7. I decided to retain my maiden name when I got married so I have a doubled barrelled sir name (without the hyphen). I’m just really attached to my old name, but I do sometimes worry people judge me because of it and think I’m ‘posh’ which could not be further from the truth!

So there you have it, some extremely random stuff about me! Are you a jumper lover too? What’s on your fashion wish list right now? Have you tried any Lush products before? Tell me something random about you!