Happy Friday everyone! I’ve had a great day as I decided to take today off work for a ‘me day’. Last year I visited the November Farmers Market in Newcastle and really enjoyed it. I thought it would be great to go again and I wasn’t disappointed! I bagged (all organic) several kabocha squash, black kale, curly kale, rainbow chard and broccoli.

CIMG8133Photo from last years haul of beautiful veg

I also met up with the lovely Nicky for a coffee – we put the world to rights and talked all things squash over a Starbucks ;-) I have been spoilt this last week with two blogger meet ups (I met the wonderful Jess last week) and it has just reminded me how grateful I am for the friendships and support I have via blogging.

This weeks workouts have continued to be excellent. I’m finishing week 5 of my 6 week plan and I’ve increased my weights in my strength workouts again this week – I love the progress I’m making :-)

  • Monday – AM gym workout, 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes strength – from Base Phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 15 minutes HIITs on treadmill
  • Tuesday – AM Detox Challenge Flow Yoga Download 15 minutes, PM gym workout 20 minutes HIITs on cardio machines, Body Pump
  • Wednesday – AM gym workout, 5k speed intervals treadmill, 30 minutes HIITs cardio machines, 2.30 minute plank
  • Thursday – Anything goes workout! AM – 30 Day Shred levels 1&3 back to back followed by a bit of random yoga for 10 minutes
  • Friday – AM gym workout, 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes strength – from Base Phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 15 minutes HIITs on bike

I’ve had some majorly tasty eats this week, and yes, I enjoy thinking up fun names for my smoothies ;-):

P1110492Banana Chocolate Beetroot Cake Smoothie, containing spinach, beet greens, raw beetroot, 1/2 frozen banana, chocolate hemp protein powder, water, ice, gums and muesli on top

P1110506Squash courgette banana bread smoothie containing kale, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup of roasted kabocha squash, 1 courgette, vanilla sun warrior, maca powder, spirulina, vanilla stevia, cinnamon, ginger, black strap molasses, ice, water, gums topped with almond butter, goji’s and buckwheaties

CIMG1642 My current favourite smoothie, eaten on Halloween and many times since – Creamy Pumpkin Squash Pie Smoothie. This bowl of utter awesomeness contained frozen pumpkin puree, roast kabocha squash, soy milk, ice, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla stevia, gums topped with maple syrup, buckwheaties, cinnamon, salty shoyu roasted squash seeds.

CIMG1660Yummy breakfast – Kashi Go Lean, frozen mixed berries, soy milk

CIMG1654 Chopped salad with tofu feta – courgette, carrot, red onion, beetroot, cooked pearl barley, tofu feta, parsley

CIMG1664Buddha bowl – steamed greens with shoyu, roast kabocha squash, edamame, wholegrain couscous, black sesame seeds

CIMG1633Delicious dessert – fresh organic pineapple, coconut flour sauce, freeze dried berries

CIMG1667Booja Booja Rum Sozzled Sultana Chocolate Truffles – heavenly!

The Creamy Pumpkin Squash Pie Smoothie, Tofu Feta and Booja Booja truffles in particular were gorgeous. I enjoyed the tofu feta, however it actually reminded me a bit more of cottage cheese so I’m now on a mission to create a tofu cottage cheese – I really fancy some with cherry jam and almond butter mixed in!

Booja Booja Mini Review

The Booja Booja truffles I’d been sent to review, and I was actually quite surprised at how much I liked them. I’m never sure when it comes to ‘alcoholic’ choccies – but these had the perfect balance of rum flavour and the most smooth truffle centre with chewy sultanas surrounded by a crisp shell. Booja Booja chocolates are all vegan, and they also do some raw chocolates as well. They are in my opinion the very best vegan chocolates I’ve ever came across – if your wanting to get a special Christmas gift for a vegan or someone with intolerances or allergies you seriously can not go wrong with these. The packaging is beautiful, and veganism aside, I would choose these over a box of Thorntons any day!

Have you tried any Booja Booja products? Their ice cream is on my must try list! Any plans for the weekend? If your in the UK do you have any Bonfire Night plans? I’m hoping to have a few people round for eats before heading to our local bonfire and fireworks display, I can’t wait!

Right, I am off to go roast some squash, have a great one!