Hi thrifty chicks, how’s it going? I’ve had yet another good week on my Big Budget Challenge trying to save as much money as possible!

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This week I’ve managed to bag a couple of good bargains:


I popped into Wilkinsons at the weekend and found these ‘green’ cleaning products, a multi use spray and some laundry liquid. I always prefer to use green / eco friendly cleaning products when I can, however they tend to be very expensive. I got the cleaning spray for 97p and the concentrated laundry liquid for £1.97. I sometimes forget how good Wilkos can be for getting stuff on the cheap!

I also finally got some muesli!


My best friend had told me this was on offer in Asda so I went to take a look. It was £2.00 for this box, which may seem like a lot, but anyone who has tried Dorset Cereals products will know how delicious and high quality they are. I decided that I would rather spend a little more on quality and ration it out, than spend little on a less tasty brand!

In Aldi I found this pack of Twinings Peppermint Teas:


This box of 25 tea bags in a variety of minty blends was just 99p. I thought it would be ideal to keep at work as I’m on a total peppermint tea kick at the moment.

I also decided to spend some of my ‘pocket’ money budget on the new Florence and the Machine album. James did a quick web search and found that the cheapest place to get the deluxe edition was CD WOW for £10.99

I love Florence, and I hardly ever buy actual CD’s, so this is a nice little treat for me!

I used more of my ‘pocket’ money budget to buy some cheap and cheerful full length black sweat pants from Asda. Now that its getting colder I really needed some long length pants to wear in the gym, as all my existing gym wear is cropped. I got these for just £5, the fabric seems ok and I like the cut of them to so they should be good for bog standard gym workouts – I still prefer proper tights / leggings for running.

I’m also extremely excited as I’ve put my name down for an allotment!


There is a big allotment site right next to where we live managed by an Allotment Association and I thought I might as well get on the list. At this moment I have no idea how long it might take to get one but they are due an AGM soon when allotments tend to come up so fingers crossed. I’d been inspired by Alissa’s amazing allotment picnic!

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If your sticking to a budget right now how’s it going? What’s the best bargain you’ve bagged recently? Do you have an allotment or grow your own fruit and veg?