Well this has been one hell of a week! I’ve been so busy at work with an event on Monday, two evening meetings, a last minute funding bid to help write and interviews for a new member of staff, its been all go!

cameraroll-1322140979.973905Obsessed with my stripey top at the moment!

Of course I’ve also had my exciting bits of news which have made the week go by a lot better. I managed to fit in most of my usual workouts:

  • Sunday – Outdoor run – in set back week so didn’t track pace but about 4 miles
  • Monday – AM gym workout, 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes strength – from ‘Define yourself’ phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 15 minutes HIITs on treadmill
  • Tuesday – AM working late so did Davina Super Body DVD, Super Pump workout followed by Yoga Download Detox Challenge Flow
  • Wednesday – AM gym workout, 5k speed intervals treadmill, 30 minutes HIITs cardio machines
  • Thursday – Anything goes workout! AM – Yoga for Runners, PM Gym – 30 minutes random intervals on bike, 10 minutes HIITs on step machine, 10 minutes rowing, 100 stability ball crunches 
  • Friday – AM gym workout, 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes strength – from ‘Define yourself’ Phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 15 minutes HIITs on bike

I was super happy this morning as I managed 8 full push ups! I had been neglecting this 2011 goal and thought I’d better start making an effort again! I did have a bit of an accident at the gym though – I fell off the stability ball while trying to do a prone jack knife (how tough?) and bashed my knee – the gym floor is basically concrete covered with a thin carpet, ouch!

As I’ve been working late I’ve been able to start work a little later in the day which means I’ve been able to enjoy a more relaxed breakfast! I had one of Maria’s pumpkin spice cakes with some sliced plums, Alpro Soya yoghurt, cinnamon and maple syrup:


That cake was delicious, thank you Maria! Another tasty breakfast included some sprouted wheat bread with almond butter sauce (almond butter mixed with apple and mango fruit puree) and a fruit bowl of apple, clemintines and plums:


That wheat bread is so good, it only has a single ingredient (sprouted wheat) and the serving I had there contains 10g of protein. It is so filling! I also had some bread for lunch with hummus and lots of veggies:


As I’ve been working late I’ve been hitting my failsafe late night meal of a green smoothie:

CIMG1836Tuesday night – spring greens, frozen strawberries, scoop of pb swirl spiru-tein protein powder, midori greens, berries powder, water, ice topped with roasted flax peanut butter, crumbled peanut butter puffins and some freeze dried berries.

CIMG1841 Wednesday night – spring greens, blueberries, carob powder, hemp protein powder, midori greens, berries powder, water, ice, stevia topped with muesli and goji berries.

To keep me going at work this week I made a couple of portions of my I can’t believe its not M&S Whole Food Salad for lunches served on top of some spinach and red cabbage:


So tasty, I used kabocha instead of butternut since I still have mountains of the stuff!

For dinner these past two evenings I’ve had green lentils with onions, Linda McCartney vegan mini sausages, sweet potato with almond butter and roasted brussel sprouts:


I love sausages and lentils together, and the sweet potato with almond butter is heaven!

A tasty dessert was also had:


Frozen cherries topped with Alpro Soya yoghurt and peanut flour mixed with apple and mango puree and cacao nibs. I’m really loving frozen cherries right now!

Well I’m sitting here getting very excited for the weekend ahead! I have a nice relaxed evening and then tomorrow I’m hitting the town for some serious Christmas shopping! A couple of items for myself my just make their way into my basket too ;-) We are also planning on treating ourselves to Starbucks and lunch out. Can not wait! I’m also planning a massive cooking / baking session – I need some gingerbread in my life!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Have you tried any of the seasonal Starbucks coffees? Which would you recommend?

Hope whatever your up to you have a good one!