Hi everyone, hope your enjoying your Sunday evening and have had a lovely weekend! I feel like I’ve barely stopped but I have had a great time :-) Today I’ve been Christmas shopping with my Mam, we’ve had a wonderful day!

P1110820 OOTD: knitted headband: Primark, black hooded leather jacket: Topshop, jumper: Primark, panther pendant necklace: Primark, black bag: H&M, skinny jeans: H&M, black suede effect boots: H&M

I got plenty of presents bought and picked out a couple of things for myself from my parents, I am an exceptionally lucky girl! I got to try the Starbucks Praline Mocha (with soy of course) and it was delicious. We also had lunch at the Chinese Buffet:

cameraroll-1323023471.296584Spicy cucumber pickle, sesame carrot salad and some other kind of pickle! 

cameraroll-1323023474.365574My favourite Mapo Tofu (check out those massive chunks of tofu!) crispy fried greens and wantons which unfortunately after biting into them I discovered contained cheese. I had this plate x 2 :-)

cameraroll-1323023477.624717 Fruit plate for dessert

I do like the Chinese buffet but I have a pretty laid back approach to my veganism, I think if you worry about cross contamination of your foods it would definitely not be for you. I had thought the wantons were vegan but I didn’t freak out when I tasted the cheese, I just know not to have them again! That tofu and those pickles are worth going back for though!

Yesterday I started the day at the gym. I had been hoping to run outside but it was wet and windy and quite frankly I couldn’t be arsed so I went to the gym to run on the treadmill. In typical fashion, as soon as I arrived at the gym the sun came out! I was actually happy that I managed to stay on the treadmill as long as I did. I did 10k in 52.20 doing 0.25 mile speed changes and sprints between 6.7 and 8.2 mph. I finished off with 10 minutes on the bike to cool down.

Last night we went to see a guitarist called Aynsley Lister play at The Cluny. We went early so we could have some dinner. I had the vegan chilli with a few chunky chips some salad I pinched off James plate:


It contained chickpeas, mushrooms, peppers and spinach and it was hot hot hot! Perfect for a blustery night! On the way out of the gig we bumped into Simon King from the Hairy Bikers at the bar! He is so tall, I really like the Hairy Bikers cookery shows, I wish I could have stopped and talked to him properly!

Other tasty eats from this weekend include:

P1110814 Creamy orange, cranberry and macadamia porridge (made without the greek yoghurt or rice milk) – so gorgeous!

P1110806 Millet bread with home made mixed roasted and salted nut butter (one with Clearspring Cherry jam and one with honey) carrots and pears

CIMG1938 Teriyaki marinaded and baked tempeh with stir fried shredded brussel sprouts and broccoli in a sesame oil and chilli dressing, roast kabocha squash and roast beets

CIMG1949 The leftover baked tempeh crumbled in a salad with cos lettuce, carrot and red cabbage with a dressing made from sesame oil, braggs, lazy chilli and agave

Yum yum! Well I am sitting here writing this listening to Christmas songs, I’m definitely well and truly into the Christmas spirit! I see that people are starting to receive their Secret Santa gifts – it is absolutely wonderful that I’ve been able to spread a little happiness! I have had a few emails from people who have had issues getting them out, so please don’t panic if you haven’t received yours yet! I’ll be trying to chase up all my emails this evening and will hopefully get caught up with responding to comments and my Google reader tonight and tomorrow. Busy weekends like this always leave me playing catch up!

Have you had a good weekend? Buffet restaurants, yey or nay? I was really pleased with myself as its the first time ever I’ve been to a buffet restaurant and a) haven’t hugely over eaten and b) haven’t felt guilty for what I did eat. Even though I had 4 plates of food I didn’t leave with a food baby, result!

Right, I’m off to try and get myself organised for the week ahead! Hope you have a great one!