Hello everyone, hope your having a great week! With Christmas fast approaching I have started to spend many moments wistfully thinking about the yummy foods that await me, after all one of the best things about Christmas has to be the food! When I used to eat more unhealthily I would look forward to excessive amounts of cheese, bread, chocolate, cake and crisps. Now, I still look forward to more decadent foods, but my tastes have definitely changed from how they used to be, and of course this will be my first Christmas as a mostly vegan!

I guess some of my Christmas foods are just richer, heavier and more sugary than the stuff I enjoy usually, although they are all still fairly healthy! Some of the eats I’m looking forward (although I’ve already started to eat a few of these!) include:

CIMG9019Lattes with soy milk and a shot of Amaretto 


P1100697 Roast veggies, especially brussels sprouts!

CIMG9538Festive oats with sweet mincemeat 

CIMG2027My raw ‘December’ salad

CIMG7671Smoothies made with lots (and lots) of nut butter and creamy soy milk

CIMG9473Seasonal fruit like dates, figs, persimmons, pomegranate and passion fruit

CIMG1667Dark chocolate in large quantities, especially Booja Booja!

CIMG9255My Veggie Loaf

I’m also looking forward to sabra hummus, marzipan, roast candied nuts, decadent raw desserts, red wine, cocktails, snack plates with crackers, dips, veggies, fruit, dried fruit, nut butter and chocolate!

I’m planning on replacing my former cheese addiction with nut butter and hummus ;-) I also have an experimental Seitan recipe and vegan caramel chocolate cheesecake recipe that I’m looking forward to making for Christmas lunch!

What are your favourite ‘Christmas’ foods? In the past I’ve binged on foods and ended up feeling guilty and ill. My aim for this year is to enjoy the foods I love guilt free and in reasonable portions without binging or significantly over eating – of course some overeating is to be expected! I’m fully prepared to gain some weight, and at the end of the day I don’t care! Life is just too short, and when I return to my normal eating patterns in the New Year I’m sure that my weight will get back to normal. I also know that I’ll still be eating plenty of fruit and vegetables in any case! What’s your approach to eating over Christmas?