Happy Friday everyone! Hope the first week of 2012 has been good for you :-) My week hasn’t gone to badly:

  • Monday – gym – 5 min treadmill warm up, 20 minutes strength (just some random stuff) 15 min HIITs on bike, 10 minutes freestyle yoga before bed
  • Tuesday – am – yoga detox challenge flow, pm – gym, 30 min cardio (HIITs and steady state) Body Pump
  • Wednesday – am – gym – 5k speed intervals treadmill, 30 min HIITs on step machine, cross trainer and bike, 5 mins meditation before bed
  • Thursday – am – 30 Day Shred level 2, yoga for runners
  • Friday – pm – ‘The Core Workout’ Pilates Core Workout DVD (review to come) freestyle yoga

Some tasty eats from the first half of the week:

CIMG2319 My Carrot, Ginger and Orange Soup with some delicious raw almond and rosemary crackers I knocked up at the weekend

CIMG2326 Raw courgette ‘noodles covered in lots of my Green Goddess dressing

CIMG2328 Fruit plate with 2 sliced persimmons, pink lady apple and goji berries

CIMG2329 Hot mint chocolate made with home made almond milk and Mint Chocolate caffeine free Teeccino

cameraroll-1325842985.002193 My first Matcha shot as part of the Tea Pigs Matcha Challenge!

Yesterday morning I went in to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I was sedated (which is awesome by the way – I couldn’t remember a thing!) for the operation but after 3 failed attempts at finding a vein in my arm for the injection and the surgeon having to drill into my jaw bone because they were both compacted I’ve been left feeling pretty sore and swollen.

I took plenty of painkillers yesterday but I woke up feeling ok so I’m going to see how I go with more natural remedies. I’ve been careful to include a few specific foods to help my condition such as lots of ginger as its an anti inflammatory, some manuka honey which has antiseptic properties and coconut water to flush out the chemicals from the anaesthetic. I’ve been adding ginger to my juices and tea, sucking on a spoonful of honey and adding the coconut water to my smoothies.

The idea of eating anything even remotely solid is laughable and the idea of soups just doesn’t appeal so I’ve basically ended up doing an almost raw smoothie and juice cleanse! Before I went to the dentist I needed to have a light meal so for breakfast I had a chopped banana with buckwheaties and pecans covered in a cup of homemade almond milk mixed with half a scoop of chocolate sun warrior:


This was delicious and so creamy, I love home made almond milk!

My lovely Mam accompanied me to the dentist and looked after me all day. She even did my ironing while we watched all three Back to the Future movies! I eventually felt like eating something mid afternoon and made this delicious smoothie. This is one of my faves for sure, I made it a while back and just had to include it as a recipe!

Cherry, Pear and Almond Smoothie (serves 1, vegan)

  • 1 ripe pear
  • 1 cup of frozen cherries
  • 2 tbsp of almond butter
  • Pinch of salt (if almond butter not salted)
  • Water to blend

Add everything to blender and blend well, serve and enjoy!


After that, and throughout today I’ve just been managing on smoothies and fresh juices. Here’s a few of my faves:

cameraroll-1325842999.735673 My standard green juice combo – cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon, ginger

Kale, frozen blueberries, half an orange, strawberry hemp protein powder, cashews (soaked), coconut water, ground flax, berries powder 

cameraroll-1325844719.750569 Simple luscious green smoothie – spinach, frozen avocado, 2 nectarines, coconut water, coconut nectar

Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, ginger juice – so delicious and so pretty!

cameraroll-1325842995.908103 A version of my ‘Bounty’ smoothie – spinach, frozen banana, thai young coconut (I defrosted a pack that I bought from an Oriental supermarket – utterly amazing btw!) chocolate sun warrior, midori greens, maca, water

I’m actually really enjoying just the smoothies and juices for now so I’m going to just go with it. I’m trying to make sure I add lots of avocado, coconut and nuts to get the calories in as I’m concerned that I won’t be getting enough! I’m hoping that my gums won’t feel so delicate so I can start eating more solid foods as soon as possible.

Have you had your wisdom teeth out or been under sedation before? Are you a fan of juices and if so what’s your favourite?