Happy Valentines Day! I hope your enjoying yourself whether your in a relationship or otherwise. I don’t mind Valentines Day although I can’t say me and James are celebrating it much this year, but he did get me those tasty heart chocolates from Montezuma’s last week!

I was thinking about the celebration last week and thought how great it would be if as well as celebrating our love for other people, we celebrated our love for ourselves.

Far too often we engage in negative self talk, comparing ourselves to others, wishing we were different and generally hating on ourselves. I also think that it can sometimes be very difficult to be positive about yourself whether that’s your personal traits, achievements, appearance or personality without feeling like your being big headed. I’m not sure if that’s a bit of a British thing? Either way, we are seriously lacking some self love!

So to celebrate Valentines Day this year I’ve decided to remind myself of some of the things I like about me:

  • I’m a fair person and I hate injustice
  • I have nice lips and a nice smile
  • When I want something I go for it 100%
  • I have awesome nails that grow really well
  • I’m good at public speaking
  • I always try to empathise with other people
  • When I make mistakes, I never shy away from them
  • I always try and see the positive in everything

Now its your turn! Leave me a comment with at least 3 things you love about yourself, no excuses!

I’m also super excited today as my Apple Pie Green Smoothie recipe is featured in the amazing Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies!


I can’t tell you how completely honoured I am to have had my recipe included. I’m such a massive fan of Crazy Sexy Diet and Kris is so inspirational. Check it out!