I don’t know what the weathers been like today where you are but for us in North East England its been gorgeous! I actually drove home from work with no coat on, the window down and my sunglasses on, I can’t wait for spring to settle in properly. This month has been great, which considering that its one of my least favourite months is saying something! It started out with me colouring my hair red…


…we had a fantastic holiday to Brighton…


…where I enjoyed lots of amazing food…


…and bought lots of lovely things…


…and has ended with me enjoying my yoga…

because it does...

…and pondering the meaning of life ;-)

Those deep thoughts really impacted on my goals for the month. I had been hoping to do some work in the allotment but facing up to the fact that I’m in danger of spreading myself too thin I’ve decided to let the allotment go. I did manage to achieve most of my other goals including registering with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and gaining weight as I talked about in this post. I had been aiming for 5lbs and I’ve managed 4lbs – Brighton eats had a lot to do with that!

I’m feeling in a pretty great place right now. I had been consistently overeating on an evening which was making me feel less than great but I’ve managed to reduce that over the last couple of weeks to just Friday evening snackies. I’m also starting to accept my bigger curvier body (James loves it!) and relax into a new workout routine with a lot less cardio. Now I just can not wait for the spring!

Goals for March


  • Get booked in for my first tattoo session
  • Experiment with more yoga at home using you tube and other online resources 
  • Do my market research for my business plan and arrange another business meeting with one of my contacts
  • Keep to my new stricter budget
  • Spring clean the flat and have a de clutter
  • Start doing planks again as part of my workouts

I really can’t wait to get sorted out for having my tattoo work done! I’m also looking forward to doing my yoga at home to complement my classes to provide me with a bit of a more challenging workout, and I also want to start doing planks again. I had got my plank hold time up to 2min 30 secs before Christmas and I need to start doing them again as they are so good for your core. I also have aims I want to achieve for my business ideas. I’m not going to do another Big Budget Challenge – in some ways that was the financial equivalent of a crash diet – this time the changes have to stick! I think I may do a little mini blog series looking at how you can do things on the cheap so hopefully that will be useful for others too!  I also have some potentially huge changes for me that could happen towards the end of the month if things work out so watch this space!

How was February for you? What are you looking forward to this March? Is it feeling spring like where you are?