Hello, hope you’ve all had a good week and are eagerly awaiting the weekend!

For research from the Library, I’m such a nutrition geek!

I’ve had some very tasty food despite the fact that I’m in the process of eating out my freezer and cupboards to try and save cash! I used up some Linda McCartney vegan sausages to make this delicious Buddha bowl:

CIMG3428Linda McCartney sausages with red onion, mushrooms and barley in a tomato sauce with basil on top of fresh spinach

I’ve also been enjoying the lentil soup I made at the weekend with some home made raw crackers:


This is just the best and most simple lentil soup ever! Its delicious and so filling. I’ve also been eating the roast aubergine hummus I made at the weekend with veggies for snacks and alongside more of those raw crackers for lunch:


I had picked the aubergine up from the reduced bin at the green grocers for just 50p and had roasted it whole before blending the flesh with chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and tahini, it tasted lovely!

Unusual but delicious breakfasts have also been enjoyed:


This was some popped amaranth (you just pop the grains as you would popcorn kernels) with a ‘cream’ made some raw coconut flour and frozen blueberries topped with pecans and maple syrup.

I also made an amazing raw banana split (yes there is a banana under there!) This included raw cacao granola, goji berries, chocolate protein sauce (made from chocolate sun warrior mixed with hemp milk) and a chia pudding made with a couple of tbsp of chia seeds combined with some home made mint choc rooibos hemp milk and left overnight to thicken:


Amazing! That hemp milk was pretty awesome too. I just blended 3 tbsp of hemp seeds that had been soaked for 15 minutes with 3 cups of filtered water and a few tsp of loose leaf mint choc rooibos tea and some sunflower lecithin. It created a wonderful tasty creamy milk. I had some with frozen raspberries and chopped apple as a dessert:


Of course a few green smoothies have been consumed as well:

CIMG3432Spring greens, frozen banana, strawberry hemp protein powder, maca, ground flax, water, ice topped with Kashi Go Lean Crunch and bee pollen

CIMG3462Spinach, frozen cherries, chocolate hemp protein powder, maca, ground flax, water, ice topped with We are bear Coco Cherry Pie Granola

I’ve also continued my love affair with kelp noodles:


I made this as a treat for lunch yesterday when I knew I’d be working late. It also included some raw diakon noodles and a fantastic sauce made with raw almond butter, sweet white miso, soy sauce and a dash of agave plus parsley sprinkles on top. Soooo good!

Earlier this week I received my parcel as part of Jemma’s blog swap! Here’s what I got:


Such a brilliant selection of goodies from the lovely Liz. I love being able to try different products from the US! Her home made vegan mocha muffins were amazing and I’m also looking forward to trying those almond butter cups!

Workouts have been extra fantastic this week…

  • Sunday – AM relaxed run without Garmin, about 3-4 miles
  • Monday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout A from ‘Dial it in’ phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Tuesday – AM free style yoga 15 minutes, PM 10 min rowing machine, 10 min treadmill run, 10 min bike, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout B from ‘Dial it in’ phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Thursday – AM – This 1 hour power flow yoga workout from You Tube
  • Friday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout A from ‘Dial it in’ phase of Female Body Breakthrough, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike

I had a brilliant run on Sunday and then started a new phase of Female Body Breakthrough and my god could I feel it the next day, I had some serious DOMS! The reps have gone from the 12 – 14 range down to 8 so I’m using heavier weights when I can. I also managed to increase my squat weight in Body Pump to 40lbs – that’s probably not much compared to some but for me its great! As I was working on Thursday evening and couldn’t make my usual yoga class I did a brilliant yoga flow from You Tube before before work instead. It was awesome to do some sweaty yoga again!

On my weekend send off love list this week…

Coyo coconut yoghurt in plain and mixed berry varieties

This morning I received these coconut yoghurts from sponsor Coyo to try out, they both look really good and I can’t wait to try them! Also…

Chickpea magazine – an awesome vegan e mag full of fantastic articles, recipes and beautiful photography // making plans for my 30th birthday party in August // thanks to a very kind voucher, booking a spa day deal with Groupon for me and my best friend as part of celebrations for said birthday // looking forward to next weeks vintage themed project celebration at work – I’ll be dressing up 1940’s style!

What are you loving this week?

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Hope you have an amazing weekend!