A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gourmet Raw to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. As I love my raw foods I was very excited to give them a try! They sent me their range of brownies and raw crisps:



Gourmet Raw Brownies

All of the raw brownies are made from a range of high quality organic raw foods such as dates, cashews, buckwheat, coconut palm nectar and cacao. They all come in at between 200 – 225 calories per brownie. The different flavours include:

  • Carob Hazelnut
  • Cacao Cashew
  • Cacao Mint
  • Cacao Cocobanana
  • Carob Orange

Full lists of ingredients and nutritional info can be found on the Gourmet Raw website.

I really loved all of these brownies. They have a much more realistic fudgy brownie texture than any other raw brownie type bar I’ve tried. I also love that these contain a range of ingredients. Its easy enough to make your own raw brownies with a few ingredients but the careful blend of raw organic ingredients in these is something special. I particularly loved the carob hazelnut brownie:



It tasted like a Nutella brownie but infinitely more healthy! What I liked about these brownies is the same thing I love about all raw desserts – that they taste indulgent but are actually good for you. I enjoyed these as a dessert, a mid afternoon snack with a cuppa and even for breakfast on a couple of days. Some people might find that the calorie count is a bit high for the size of the brownie, but you have to remember that these are made with whole raw ingredients and will be much kinder to your body, despite the calories than a fat and refined sugar cooked brownie would be.

Raw Crisps

The packets of raw crisps are also made from a range of high quality raw ingredients such as buckwheat, flaxseed, veggies like carrot and beetroot and lots of herbs and spices. Each bag comes in between 150 – 180 calories. They are available in the following flavours:

  • Beetroot
  • Red Pepper
  • Spicy Thai

Full lists of ingredients and nutritional info can be found on the Gourmet Raw website.

I found these crisps surprisingly good! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’ve tried other raw crackers which have been pretty thick and dense but these are fine and crispy – they actually reminded me of those ‘squares’ potato crisps you can get. I used them as a salad topper…

CIMG2771Beetroot crisps

…and also for snacks:


My favourite flavour by far was the red pepper crisps, they tasted fantastic! These would also be wonderful dipped into hummus or salsa. I thought that you got a pretty reasonable amount of crisps in each bag too. I think these are a great product for adding more wholesome raw food into your diet, especially if you have a crisp addiction or crave savoury foods sometimes like I do.

Both the crisps and brownies are a really fun way to add some variety to the usual salads and smoothies if your trying to eat more raw.

The products are sold direct from the Gourmet Raw website and are also available in some health food stores. They are £1.99 for a brownie or a bag of crisps (sold in packs of 10 brownies or 12 crisps via the website). Now I think a few of you will be looking at that price and thinking its pretty expensive which it is, but as I often say, very high quality organic products are always going to cost more than low quality processed foods. I think we all have to look at the cost of products and decide what is a priority for us individually. However to make them a little more affordable, the guys at Gourmet Raw have offered us a great discount code:


I think these are brilliant as special treats, I will definitely be getting myself a box of the hazelnut brownies because they are gorgeous!

Another thing I really loved about the website is this FAQ’s on raw food and the fact that you can email them with feedback, ideas and questions. As they say in their FAQ’s everyone can benefit from having more raw food in their diets, you don’t have to be 100% raw or even any where near that to experience better health.

Have you tried any Gourmet Raw products? What did you think? Do you purchase any other packaged raw products? What’s your approach to eating raw foods?