Hi guys, happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week. I’m flying high as a kite right now as I got this fab delivery of vegan cakes!

Some of you might remember me mentioning that at last weeks tea party the caterers had promised vegan cakes but had let us down. This lunchtime the manager called into our office with this box of vegan treats to say sorry. How sweet is that? They included oatmeal cookies, orange mini cup cakes, almond viennese swirls and a slice of sticky toffee pudding (I’m saving that for later). I shared them with my colleagues and they tasted amazing! What a great treat for a Friday afternoon :-)

I’ve really been enjoying my green smoothie challenge and healthy feasting this week and feel miles better for giving myself a little break from caffeine and refined sugar, at least until those cakes showed up! There have been some delicious salads:

CIMG3649Chickpea and quinoa with veggies and green goddess dressing

CIMG3685Baked tempeh with veggies and tahini dressing

Last night I made a big pan of roasted courgette, pepper and red onion and had that with some of the baked tempeh and tahini dressing:


This was seriously good for such a simple meal! I’ve also been snacking on lots of fresh fruit and nuts as well as coconut butter and tahini to keep those fat levels up. For a snack I made a fab chocolate chia pudding with strawberries for more healthy fat action:


This was 2 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder, water and agave. So good!

I won’t list all of this weeks workouts but its been the usual apart from Tuesday as I was working late and couldn’t make Body Pump I did level 3 of the 30 Day Shred and this challenging 30 minute vinyasa flow which was great!

As I said I’ve been loving the Green Smoothie Challenge. I’m going to save pics for a wrap up in Sunday’s post – I’ve got recipes for Chocolate Ginger Pear, Chocolate Cherry Almond and Strawberry and Peanut Butter smoothies coming up for you, and they are amazing! If anyone has any posts they’d like me to link too leave me a comment or email me :-)

March wrap up


I can’t quite believe that another month is almost over but it really has been a good one. I love doing these little monthly reviews and goal setting as I find it very motivational to focus on what I have achieved and to set my intent for the coming month. In March I have:

  • Had my tattoo done
  • Enjoyed more yoga at home including trying out some different you tube videos
  • Progressed some work towards getting my community business off the ground including scheduling some important meetings.
  • Gained a several lbs! 
  • Stuck to my new strict grocery budget
  • Have given the flat a good de clutter and spring clean (although I’ll be doing more of that this weekend)
  • Started doing planks again as part of my workouts and improved my push ups
  • Became a member of the Diary Free Dream Team!
  • As of today, became the owner of a brand spanking new iPad 3!

My tattoo was the first very early 30th birthday gift to myself, and now I’ve got my iPad! I’ve wanted one forever and had enough saved up already so thought I’d get one now. Makes saving that money on groceries and clothes all worthwhile!

Update on ‘lady problems’

Healthy and happy

Pinterest, I love you but you but I’ve accepted I ain’t ever going to look like that (source)

I haven’t seen any major improvement in that area but I really feel like the reduction of long periods of intense exercise (running over 4 miles) and my weight gain (I currently weigh over 21lbs more than I did in August last year!) has me on the right track. I know some of you will have noticed that I’ve become much more relaxed around my eating than I used to be. The fear of gaining weight and ballooning up is slowly subsiding as I have started to accept that I’m never going to have that skinny, muscular physique or bikini body and be healthy at the same time.  Some women can look great that way and be perfectly healthy but that just isn’t natural or sustainable for my body. Positive comments from James, my friends and family and you amazing people have really helped me too. It hasn’t been easy though and there has been the weekend evening snackies / overeating stuff to deal with as well as a few tears as I got rid of a lot of clothes now too small for me. However I’m more determined now than ever to try and forget what society dictates is healthy in terms of weight, size and appearance and instead honour my body as best I can. Now that my BMI is over 23 its a case of playing a waiting game hoping that my body will trust me enough to start functioning again as it should. I’m planning some more posts on this as well as how to gain weight in a healthy way as I’ve had some emails requesting them and I think its a really important topic to highlight so stay tuned!

Goals for April


  • Enjoy some baking, cooking new recipes and try my hand at making proper bread with yeast
  • Spend lots of time with my family and friends over Easter
  • Maintain my current weight
  • Get booked on to / do my food hygiene training
  • Arrange my first healthy eating workshop with a community group (eeek!)
  • Have fun with my iPad!
  • Start extending my weekend runs to 10k in anticipation of Great North Run training

This weekend is going to be a baking, cooking and general domestic goddess weekend! I really want to try my hand at baking some bread so fingers crossed it will turn out ok! I’ll also be doing some experimental cooking for Easter that will hopefully result in a couple of new recipes here on the blog. Of course I’d like to maintain my weight while still enjoying a more relaxed attitude to eating. I also need to update my food hygiene training before I can start delivering my healthy eating workshops so I’d love to get that done, and hopefully as a result of linking with some of my contacts I’d like to have my first ever workshop booked in! The final goal is to gradually increase my mileage on my weekend runs. Despite those lady problems I’m registered to do the Great North Run for the third time this year and its something I’d still like to achieve. However I will be taking a much more relaxed approach to training and the race itself, enjoying myself will come before trying to get another PB!

Now on to the weekend send of love list…

Reiki stones in my water bottle!

My manager at work is a Reiki Master and has charged some red jasper stones with healing energy for me. She suggested putting them in my water bottle. I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on reiki but it won’t do me any harm! I have to say its pretty awesome to have a Reiki Master as your boss, she gave me a guided meditation this afternoon too, love my job! Also…

This fab new blog discovery Messy Nessy Chic // The weather!!! Its been incredible this week // wearing my new pink sleeveless top from H&M // getting the summer sandals out of the cupboard

What have you been loving this week? How has March been for you? Do you have any goals for April?