This weekend has been another nice and relaxing one, its been lovely! I’ve visited my parents who were taking care of my nephews for the weekend and seen my two best friends – I love just sitting chatting with them over a cuppa! I have spent some time in the kitchen getting my raw food vibe back on. I’ve made some very delicious fudgy raw protein cherry almond brownies (recipe to come), raw almond and sunflower seed milk, raw tamari ‘roasted’ almonds and of course my usual green juice:

Cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon plus a random kiwi fruit, very good. I’ve been feeling the need to include more raw foods into my diet again and its been fun making some new things! My home made almond and sunflower seed milk was so gorgeous and creamy:

Photo 15-04-2012 09 02 50

I used half a cup of almonds and half a cup of sunflower seeds to make a full litre of it and used some in a big bowl of strawberries with muesli:

Photo 15-04-2012 09 04 09

Amazing, and perfect for refuelling after my run this morning! I’d went out and ran about 5.5 miles in the bright, but bitterly cold weather. It was tough because it was so cold and I know I was pretty slow, but I went out and did it which is the main thing! I followed up my muesli with a vanilla protein frappe:

Photo 15-04-2012 09 18 29

On Friday night I was off to visit one of my friends so before I went out I made a quick Buddha bowl:

Photo 13-04-2012 17 58 26

Nice and simple but oh so good! Steamed greens topped with a cubed baked sweet potato, pinto beans, courgette, cucumber and red onion plus some soy sauce, yum!

Yesterday I fished some of my wholemeal bread out of the freezer for breakfast. I toasted it and topped with a thick layer of cashew butter and some sliced strawberries on the side:

Photo 14-04-2012 08 10 18

Accompanied by another giant pot of coffee it sorted me out a treat! Lunch was a basil tofu salad:

Photo 14-04-2012 12 09 57

Delish as always!

For dinner last night I fancied a different wholegrain than my usual rice or quinoa so I cooked up a pot of nutty chewy wheat berries. I mixed them with some edamame, spring onion, fresh parsley, dried blueberries and a zesty fresh dressing of hemp oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and soy sauce. I served it with some steamed broccoli:

Photo 14-04-2012 18 54 56

It tasted really good, I love wheat berries and the nutty hemp oil, fresh lemon juice and sweet blueberries tasted great together. I had the rest of it today for lunch just served on top of some lettuce:

Photo 15-04-2012 12 06 48

Last night I had a special treat for dessert, home made strawberry coconut milk yoghurt!

Photo 14-04-2012 19 25 55

I made this just the same as my frozen yoghurt recipe but used half a can of full fat coconut milk instead of the greek yoghurt. I left it out of the freezer for a good 40 minutes and even then I had to hack it into pieces with a knife, but its worth it! I’m going to make this again but freeze it into ice pops! You could even make this raw by using soaked and blended cashews, yum!

I’ve got a pretty exciting week coming up as I’m going to be running my first healthy eating workshop with young people! I’m working with a local community project as a volunteer for a few weeks to test out my approaches before I start charging for sessions. I’m a qualified youth worker but its been a while so I’m a bit nervous! I’ve been brain storming some ideas all weekend but I think I’ll be starting out with nice and simple smoothies – I might even see if I can get them to try a green monster!

Before I go I’ll tempt you with a pic of those super fudgy raw protein cherry almond brownies:

They are well lush, can’t wait to share the recipe! Hope your having a great weekend!

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