Hello everyone, just dropping in for a quick post today to share an update and random musings!

Check out my first ever podcast! The lovely Sam and Lea asked if I could record a a little piece on my journey to veganism to be featured in their Truly Scrumptious podcast. I was really nervous about doing it but it was great fun and I think I managed to pull it off without sounding like a complete idiot ;-) I might even try more of those or even some vlogs in the future!

The lovely Tessa, and now Jess have both written some very interesting posts on the whole ‘strong is the new skinny’ trend that seems to be all over healthy living blogs and Pinterest right now. Its something I hinted at in one of my posts last week and I’m glad that both Tessa and Jess have blogged about this. Personally I feel the very muscular physique being promoted in a lot of these images is just as unobtainable for most people as the extremely thin one we are usually bombarded with. The fact is we are all different shapes and sizes, some people are naturally slim, others bigger more muscular etc. As one of Tessa’s commenters said, and as Jessica commented back to me, ‘being yourself’ should be the new skinny!

What are your views on the ‘strong is the new skinny’ debate? Would you be interested in me doing a couple of vlogs?