Hi everyone, hope your having a great weekend! I’ve had a pretty good weekend so far, starting on Friday evening with this delicious meal:

Photo 27-04-2012 18 03 26

I made a Lentil and Sweet Potato Thai Red Curry, it was super easy to make and tasted so good! I just fried some curry paste with extra fresh minced ginger then added a little tomato passata followed by 1/4 cup of red lentils and some hot water. I simmer that until the lentils were tender then added a cubed baked sweet potato. I served it with some steamed kale, it was spot on!

While chilling out watching TV I enjoyed my fave snack again, pretzels with strawberries and some peanut dip made with peanut flour:

Photo 27-04-2012 20 16 17

Love this combo, I have a ‘thing’ for pretzels right now!

On Saturday we decided to have a pay day treat of breakfast in town so I though I’d make a bit of an effort for a change:

Photo 28-04-2012 07 53 55

Photo 28-04-2012 07 53 09

OOTD: jersey scarf: Topshop, heart necklace: Topshop, striped tee: Topshop, pink satchel: H&M, pink belt: taken off a dress from Warehouse, floral skirt: Dorothy Perkins, black tights: M&S, zip ankle boots: New Look

Breakfast was our usual order from Olive and Bean:

Photo 28-04-2012 08 50 39

Photo 28-04-2012 08 51 49

I had granary toast with peanut butter, a 3 berry smoothie and a soya latte and James had the continental platter. Both fab as always! That tasty breakfast set me up for a morning of shopping! I went to Waitrose, the health food shop and the speciality food shop for this lot:

Photo 28-04-2012 14 57 46

I also got some tempeh but that went straight in the freezer! Very chuffed to have some red kabocha and a huge bag of Popchips too! I also paid a visit to Lush for shower gel and toner water:

Photo 28-04-2012 15 02 50

I treated myself to a couple of new things for my wardrobe too:

Photo 28-04-2012 15 04 59

Photo 28-04-2012 15 06 02

Photo 28-04-2012 15 04 31












3 skinny belts from Primark for only £2! I also got a plain black maxi skirt from Primark as well. Then from H&M I bought this stripy t-shirt dress and a purple long sleeved top for yoga. I did get some denim shorts but when I got home and tried them on they were more like hot pants (!) so I’ll be returning those.

After town I was going to see my friends so I thought I’d pick up something for lunch:

Photo 28-04-2012 12 46 38

A hummus salad wrap from Pret and some blueberries and satsumas from the market. I had sworn that the wrap had vegan on the label for it at the fridge but it turned out it had a yoghurt dressing. Vegan fail :-( I think I was just so weighed down with bags and in a hurry I didn’t look properly. I’m not strictly vegan so I’m not that upset by it, just miffed at my mistake. It did taste good though ;-) I shared my giant satsumas with my friends kids, juice went every where :-)

I had a great afternoon with my friends then made my way home. I made myself a fantastic green juice with cucumber, celery and fresh mint:

Photo 28-04-2012 15 30 03

Great mix of flavours in this! For dinner I really craved a big veggie packed salad so I raided the fridge and filled a bowl with romaine, cucumber, red pepper, and red onion then topped it with some baked tofu which I’d marinated in soy sauce, ground ginger and garlic granules then some red pepper hummus watered down a bit and some olives:

Photo 28-04-2012 18 15 53

This met my craving perfectly! A bit later I was in snack mode so a had a few bowls of millet puffs mixed with coconut sauce (coconut flour mixed with water) and strawberries:

Photo 28-04-2012 20 22 27

Eaten in bed watching TV, yum!

Its been lovely to have been paid and be able to treat myself to a couple of goodies. Restocking my kitchen cupboard has been fun too, more on that later in the week!

Have you treated yourself to anything recently?