Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Easter!

Photo 08-04-2012 08 42 56James got me this Lindt dark chocolate bunny and then also surprised me with a Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate egg!

I’ve had a super Easter break spent doing many of my favourite things – spending time with friends and family, cooking, baking and of course eating ;-) I’ve also had some time to chill with James which has been great, I feel like my batteries have been well and truly recharged! On Friday I baked my hot cross buns, saw my best friends and ate this delicious Thai red butternut and chickpea curry:

Photo 06-04-2012 18 12 40

It was extremely good for something that was so easy to make!

Saturday started with a 5 mile outdoor run. I’m still going garminless so 5 miles is an estimate and it was probably pretty slow but it felt good to be outside! I got home from my run and changed straight back into my pjs which I wore for most of the day while we watched TV (more Dexter) it was bliss! 

My post run breakfast was a butternut cherry bomb green smoothie topped with roasted soya nuts, dried cherries and pistachios: 

Photo 07-04-2012 08 32 07

I love how sweet this smoothie is! I also ate more hot cross buns and random snacks of millet puffs with coconut flour sauce / peanut flour sauce and blueberries, chocolate almond butter cups and tahini with jam on spelt crackers etc, it was just that kind of a day! I also had my usual green juices to balance it out and did fit in one half decent meal, a big salad with romaine, red pepper, carrots, red onion, olives, chickpeas and balsamic, dijon and hemp oil dressing:

Photo 07-04-2012 17 02 49

After that I finally got dressed and we headed off for a night out! I think I’ve mentioned before that James is really into his music, we thought we go and see a singer / songwriter called Juan Zelada at The Cluny in Newcastle. We really enjoyed the gig, James has posted a review over on his blog. Before the gig started we had a drink at the bar and I couldn’t resist this:

Photo 07-04-2012 19 40 43

Organic vegan cherry beer! It tasted gorgeous, I’ve had the strawberry beer from the same brewery and that was delicious too. 

Yesterday I thought I’d treat myself to a tasty breakfast – two of my hot cross buns toasted, first with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and then another with vegan spread:

Photo 08-04-2012 08 52 47

Photo 08-04-2012 09 02 57

Both accompanied by some strawberries and lots of coffee:

Photo 08-04-2012 08 53 35

I used up the soy milk leftover from my baking to make some frothy vanilla coffees, yum!

It was after breakfast and once I’d iced my cupcakes and baked my tart that the fun started. Due to a computer fault, half of Durham had no water supply! I hadn’t even had a shower so wasn’t best pleased. I had been planning on a lovely Easter outfit OOTD but no such luck! We were going to my parents anyway so we went early so I could get washed. Luckily the water came back on later in the day, what a relief! Lunch was fab though: 

Photo 08-04-2012 14 10 28

I had some of my lazy courgette and pesto tart with salad and some bulgar carrot salad and a roast veg and couscous salad my Mam had picked up from M&S. I had a couple of plates like this plus two of my tasty cupcakes and mountains of fresh fruit. I felt totally stuffed but still found room to eat most of my dark chocolate bunny! To help feel a bit rebalanced after all of that I made a green smoothie:

Photo 08-04-2012 18 24 09

This was spinach, courgette, vanilla sun warrior, cinnamon, water and ice. I followed it up with a big pot of kuricha tea and spend the rest of the day in my pjs lying on the couch:

Photo 08-04-2012 19 34 16

What a weekend! Today I’m just trying to get myself pulled together for going back to work tomorrow and back to reality!

How did you spend your Easter break?