Several months ago Clearspring kindly sent me some of their range of Organic Fruit Spreads to review. I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through them all:


I was sent the blueberry, apricot and cherry flavours. Each of these spreads are organic and have no added sugar. They are sweetened with fruit juice and have a small amount of sea vegetable powder added to them to help them set.

I tried them in a few different ways:

CIMG2623The cherry jam with peanut butter on top of porridge

CIMG2880With oats again, this was the blueberry jam with my oats in a sun butter jar

CIMG3376I used the apricot jam in the apricot and ginger glazed squash recipe from Blissful Bites – utterly delicious!

P1130094The blueberry spread with tahini on top of my raw protein buckwheat bowl

I really liked these spreads, they are so much less sugary than a regular jam and have a lovely texture. I used to find normal jams too sweet for me but these are perfect. The only negative I would point out with these is that they don’t last as long as other jams and spreads – no doubt because they don’t contain all the usual preservatives. I found that mine went mouldy, but that was after at least 6 weeks in the fridge, way longer than they are recommended to be kept for any way. James doesn’t like jam (well, other than strawberry) so I was the only one eating these, hence why it took me so long to use them up! I loved all of the flavours but the cherry one was amazing. After using the apricot one in the glaze for the squash I can see how versatile the spreads could be, I think it would make a really unusual marinade for tofu or even a salad dressing!

These retail for £3.39 via Goodness Direct which I don’t think is too bad considering they are organic and naturally sweetened. I will definitely be purchasing these again in the future, I’d love to try the strawberry! I’d really like to test out that marinade and salad dressing idea now too!

Have you tried these products before, and if you what did you think? Are you a fan of fruit spreads or jams in general?What’s your favourite way to enjoy them?