Well this has been another brilliant weekend! Yesterday we got up really early, had a quick breakfast and hit the road to Leeds.

IMG_4020Pink lady apple, Dorset High Fibre Flakes, hemp milk, simple and yum!

We know Leeds reasonably well as my Sis in Law lived there for a couple of years so it was good to be back! James wanted to hit the record stores and I was just happy to have a look around the shops. Before we got stuck in we treated ourselves to a Starbucks:

IMG_4023Grande Vanilla Soy Latte, yes please!

I was really excited when I saw that a vintage fashion fair was taking place at the Leeds Corn Exchange:


I was extra happy as last week I missed the vintage fashion fair that was taking place in Newcastle. The place was packed with stalls:


I saw so many things I wanted to buy but I needed to keep to my budget! James very kindly treated me to this beautiful dress:


I love it! Its slightly big but will look fantastic with a bright belt nipping in the waist.

After hitting the vintage fair we went in search of food! Last week I’d put out a tweet asking for vegan friendly restaurants and cafes and both Sarah and Lauren had recommended Little Tokyo. As soon as I’d checked out their menu online I knew it would be ideal. It was a bit out of James comfort zone but he loves sea food and there was plenty of that on the menu. The restaurant looked fantastic:


I’m not used to having so much choice in a restaurant so it took me ages to decide what to get! I ordered an iced green tea which was sweetened with honey and tasted amazing, then for a starter deep fried bean curd spring rolls:


For my main meal I had the Yaki Soba noodles with veggies and tofu:


The chunks of tofu in this were massive! The meal was delicious and extremely filling, I even managed to eat the whole thing with chopsticks which for me is an achievement! James had some prawn dumplings for his starter and Udon Noodles with seafood for his main. We would both definitely go back again, there’s so much more on the menu that I’d like to try!

As I said I did do some shopping, first of all here’s what I got from Out of This World – and another little health food store:

IMG_4038Dried mulberries, green lentils, quinoa, brown rice, soy chocolate puddings (on offer for 99p) raw cacao and cinnamon kale chips, Maya Gold Green and Blacks mini chocolates, Pukka tea selection, Pukka Vanilla Chai tea, smoked almonds, natural glace cherries, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, tinned kidney beans and chickpeas (on offer)

I needed to stock up on a few grains and beans and decided to treat myself to the rest. I got the dark chocolate Reece’s cups from a speciality sweet shop, I just couldn’t resist them! Fashion wise I went crazy for accessories:

IMG_4052Floral head band (River Island), Jewelled cuff (Miss Selfridge), Feather hair chip (Miss Selfridge), Jewelled and beaded headdress that I intent to wear as a necklace (River Island), and in the background vintage fabric bunting

With festival season coming up I thought I’d get some nice accessories, I adore that headband / necklace! I was over the moon when I saw the bunting on the same stall where I got my vintage dress, its going to be perfect for my Jubilee Party!

The rest of the weekend has been just as enjoyable, I’ve coloured my hair, had a good cook up session making hummus with freshly cooked beans, baked tofu, made a wonderful orange basil salad dressing and a very special sweet treat recipe I’ll be sharing later this week! This morning I also got out for a pleasant but slow 7.5 mile run!

Other tastiness from this weekend has included:

IMG_4066peaches and cream oats with tofu cream

IMG_4062Blueberries and strawberries with tofu cream

IMG_4106Giant green juice made with a massive cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon

IMG_4013My simple dahl with a basic socca and steamed broccoli

IMG_4070The most amazing cherry coconut water slushie! I blended some frozen cherries with plain coconut water, a couple of drops of vanilla stevia and a pinch of sea salt. Incredible!

IMG_4075Kelp noodles with spiralised courgettes raisins, chickpeas and a tahini miso sauce

IMG_4018My current obsession (thanks to Jess) Lindt 90% dark dipped in hot sweet peppermint tea

I also have this slice of chocolate peanut butter slab for dessert later:


I got this from the counter at Out of This World yesterday but was too stuffed from lunch to eat it, I can’t wait to enjoy this!

We really did have such a lovely time yesterday, it was great to visit somewhere different and it was really good to spend time with James like that. We are definitely planning more mini day’s out back to Leeds, I need to work my way through the menu at Little Tokyo!

How has your weekend been so far? Are you a fan of Japanese food? Have you ever bought any vintage fashion?