…are the two words that would best describe my week! The highlight has undoubtedly been my first hot yoga class at the wonderful Yogalilies:


I absolutely loved it! This is the kind of yoga that I adore, hot, sweaty and challenging yet relaxing at the same time. I really liked the feel of the studio which is located in the centre of Newcastle and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The lovely Lissa has invited me to try one of her Pilates classes and I can’t wait! I will certainly be back for more of that yoga!

Other workouts from this week have been:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – 7.5 mile run
  • Monday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout A from Fine Tune phase of Female Body Breakthrough – heavy weight / low rep, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Tuesday – PM Gym: 20 minutes cardio on machines, Body Pump
  • Wednesday – AM 3 mile run, PM Hot Yoga Class
  • Thursday – PM yoga class 1hr 15 
  • Friday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout B from Fine Tune in phase of Female Body Breakthrough– light weight / high rep, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike

If you’re in the UK I’m sure you’ll agree that we have had a fantastic week of sunshine. I’ve been craving smoothies like a crazy person and have had two a day minimum! Here’s some of my faves from the week:

Photo 23-05-2012 07 34 26Pineapple, romaine, vanilla sun warrior protein powder x 2, water, ice, maca, ground flax, goji’s, coconut

Photo 23-05-2012 21 33 37Post Hot Yoga frozen raspberries and Vega Choc a lot protein powder

Photo 24-05-2012 20 19 59Cookies and cream spiru-tein, water, ice, xanthan gum, stevia topped with peanut flour sauce and dark chocolate chips

Photo 21-05-2012 08 42 58Mixed frozen berries, Good Hemp Chocolate Gym Shake, spring greens, spinach, water, ice, maca, ground flax, gojis, flaked almonds with a Tea Pigs chocolate flake tea with hemp milk and stevia

If I had been at home during the day I would have probably been making them for lunch! Obviously there have been salads:

Photo 24-05-2012 12 30 25Romaine, courgette, cucumber, carrot, red onion, cannellini beans, orange basil dressing

Photo 21-05-2012 12 02 25Romaine, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, red onion and a big portion of home made hummus

I also thought the warm weather provided a good excuse to use up some Pure Wraps. These are made from coconut meat and are completely raw. I had them for lunch with home made hummus and a big pile of veggies plus an apple on the side:

Photo 23-05-2012 12 12 49

Then again for breakfast with almond butter and strawberries (plus a vanilla smoothie with sea salt on the side)

Photo 24-05-2012 06 41 56

They are so delicious both sweet and savoury!

The hot weather has also encouraged me to finally get my summer wardrobe into action! I love being able to get my legs out and wear lighter clothing for a change:

Photo 23-05-2012 08 04 31Photo 24-05-2012 07 22 53

Two of my outfits from this week: floral tea dress: Florence and Fred @ Tesco, yellow cardy:H&M, sandals: New Look, wooden bangles: Oasis // pink floaty vest top: H&M, linen trousers: Dorothy Perkins, necklace: New Look, gold sandals: Next

On the weekend send off Love List this week…

Screen+shot+2011-06-11+at+8.22.56+pm_largeBeing productive! (source)

This week I feel like I have been able to get a lot done at work, at home, for my business ideas and blog stuff. I love that feeling when you can tick things off your to do list! Also…

Pay day! // the sunshine (goes without saying really!) // Warehouse’s collection of dresses – I’m seriously tempted to treat myself // designing my business cards and flyers // raw cacao cinnamon kale chips (I’m munching on some as I type!) // spending time with James // wonderful comments, emails and encouragement from you fantastic blog readers!

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What two words would you use to describe it? What’s on your love list this week?