Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week so far! Recently I’ve been sent quite a few teas to review. I though a fun way to review them would be to do a vlog!

Now I have to apologise in advance for this video, it’s my first ever vlog and I haven’t done a great job. I didn’t realise that the camera was on the other side of my iPad so it appears that I’m talking to the wall instead of the camera, plus the angle and lighting isn’t great. I also probably pronounce everything wrong. However I’m still posting this, at the end of the day this is me! Just keeping it real ;-) Hope you enjoy listening to me blather on…

Here’s the details of the teas in the vlog plus some brief notes on my thoughts:

  • Twinings Green Tea Selection (£2.50 for 25 tea bags) – not a huge fan of fruity teas but some nice flavours within the pack.
  • Twinings Green Earl Grey Tea (£1.39 for 20 tea bags) – will definitely be buying this tea again, loved it!
  • Cho Yung Tea Weight loss (£33.59 for 30 tea bags on Amazon – FYI no way would I be paying that for these. I say in the vlog that it has a great taste but I can’t comment on whether or not it would support weight loss)
  • We Are Tea Serenitea (£4.95 for 15 tea bags) – not a huge fan of fruity tea but the brand look great and they stock some other lovely looking blends.

Teavivre teas – big fan of all of these, just to add to my review in the vlog they are sold by weight and also have sample sizes available on the site which I think is great so you can try a small amount and see which blends you prefer.

Have you tried any of these teas and if so what did you think? Any thoughts on the vlog? Haha, please be kind ;-) Would you like me to do more vlogs? Are vlogs in general something you enjoy?