Happy Friday everyone! I’m still feeling a bit out of sync due to the extended weekend. My routine has been all over the place but as they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and the shake up has made me feel quite refreshed!

My usual workout routine has been quite different this week:

  • Saturday – 8.5 mile run 
  • Sunday – REST
  • MondayBack garden workout
  • TuesdayBack garden workout
  • Wednesday – PM Hot Yoga class 
  • Thursday – AM 4 mile run, PM yoga class
  • Friday – this workout:


I just made that workout up this morning, it was the perfect level for me, I felt like I worked hard but could probably have increased my weights so I didn’t feel too burned out. Now that I’m finished Female Body Breakthrough and I’m trying to get better prepared for the Great North Run in September, I’m going to just wing it as far as my non running workouts are concerned. Hot yoga was fantastic yet again, I can’t wait to go back!

After the bank holiday festivities I’ve continued to eat pretty ‘clean’ and have been giving the processed sugar and caffeine (apart from green tea) a miss. At the weekend I bought a huge box of organic apricots for £1.50 so I’ve been using them in everything including my salads:

Photo 06-06-2012 12 21 32Romaine, cucumber, carrot, chickpeas, olives, fresh apricots

Photo 08-06-2012 12 07 29Romaine, cucumber, carrot, red onion, quinoa, olives, fresh apricots

I’ve also been snacking on them:

Photo 07-06-2012 15 05 02fresh apricots and dried figs

I really love apricots but they are usually too expensive to buy fresh, these were great for a treat and added a lovely sweetness to the salads.

I’ve still been on a huge smoothie kick:

Photo 06-06-2012 06 51 43Spinach, frozen peaches, strawberry hemp protein powder, ground flax, maca, ice, water topped with pumpkin seeds and goji berries

Photo 07-06-2012 07 38 36Frozen cherries, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, water, ice and sea salt with a slice of my raw caramel pecan cake and a caffeine free almond amaretto teeccino for breakfast

Photo 07-06-2012 20 14 47Mixed frozen berries, ice, water and chocolate sun warrior protein powder topped with raw cacao nibs

Photo 08-06-2012 08 41 06Kale, frozen banana, chocolate hemp powder, maca, ground flax, ice, water topped with hemp seeds and raisins

I’ve also had a couple of delicious but pretty easy to make dinners. Pre hot yoga I just wanted something fairly light but filling:

Photo 06-06-2012 17 32 54Socca with fresh basil in the batter spread with almond butter and stuffed with half a large avocado sprinkled with sea salt and bee pollen, eaten with a big pile of un pictured sauerkraut on the side

Photo 07-06-2012 19 30 04Budhha bowl with quinoa, edamame beans, broccoli and kale drizzled with tahini miso sauce

That random socca combo was amazing!

Despite feeling not completely with it this week I managed to put together a couple of nice outfits:

Photo 07-06-2012 08 09 02Photo 06-06-2012 07 27 50

I got my maxi skirt out again (denim jacket: New Look, jewelled headband worn as necklace: River Island, grey basic tee: New Look, pink belt: taken off a Warehouse dress, black maxi skirt: Primark, trainers: Converse) I also decided to do a bit of liberating my wardrobe and wear a dress that I’ve had unworn in for far too long. I layered it up to make it a bit more weather and work appropriate (yellow cardigan: H&M, blue polka dot dress: Warehouse, basic grey tee: New Look, black tights M&S, brown brogues: Topshop)

On the Love List this week…


This week I took a big step towards making my little business ideas a reality. On Wednesday I took some time out while I was at work to distribute my market research questionnaires. I have one for my community healthy eating workshops which I’ve sent to my local contacts through work and I have another which is to investigate my ideas around providing health coaching. I didn’t originally think about sharing this on a wider basis or through the blog but then I thought well why not? I would really love people’s honest views. If you can spare a couple of minutes to take a look, I’d be forever grateful! Here it is :-) Also…

Buying a kabocha squash the size of my head! // this post from Gena at Choosing Raw about turning 30 // Look Book Cook Book – fashion and vegan, gluten free, soy free recipes? Hell yes! // making ice pops // 3 day week!

I also wanted to just quickly talk about the sponsored posts I’ve been doing. I know there has been a lot recently, I have to admit I’ve been on a huge learning curve with these and I’m not entirely happy with how I’ve managed it all. Big thanks to everyone that has supported me and commented on those posts as well as sharing valuable constructive feedback. I do hope that you can bear with me on this, normal service is being resumed!

In case you missed itMy Jubilee Party pics!

Do you have a regular routine? How do you feel when your routine is changed? Do you find it refreshing or difficult to deal with?

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead, enjoy the rest of your Friday!