Hope you are all enjoying the Jubilee weekend so far! I thought I’d get into the spirit of things and wear my pretty vintage rose print dress:

Photo 02-06-2012 09 44 57Photo 02-06-2012 09 44 17

OOTD: black leather look hooded jacket: Topshop, vintage rose printed dress: Beyond Vintage, bright pink satchel: H&M, black tights: M&S, cream flats: Next, gold cat cocktail ring: Topshop

I thought that since I was having a look round town, meeting the lovely Jess for a coffee (love meeting up with other bloggers, I feel like I could chat to Jess for ages), and then going to a little tea party for my Nephews birthday I’d make an effort!

Before all of that I had got up early to get my run in. I have to admit it took every single bit of my will power to get out there, the weather wasn’t exactly great and bed was so nice and warm! I was glad I did it though, 8.5 miles done and dusted. When I have difficulty motivating myself to run I always think about how awesome I will feel when I’m finished. Its a fantastic feeling knowing that you have achieved something and that and you have the rest of the weekend to chill!

After my run I made a gorgeous breakfast:

Photo 02-06-2012 09 01 05

This was a smoothie made with papaya, full fat coconut milk, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, water and ice topped with Kashi Almond Honey Flax Crunch. This was fantastic and extremely creamy, I’ve been enjoying my full fat coconut milk this weekend! I also had some in my Thai Red Soya Bean Noodle Bowl with Kabocha (this recipe but with Thai Red Curry paste instead of green):

Photo 01-06-2012 18 11 18

I had roasted up a massive kabocha and it was so good to make this again! I also had the kabocha in one of my other favourite meals with raw courgette noodles featuring this beautiful veggie:


I got this sunny yellow courgette from the green grocers and spiralised half of it with a regular courgette, topped with roasted kabocha and drizzled with some sauce made with sunflower seed butter and sweet white miso:

Photo 02-06-2012 17 39 21

I know squash isn’t that seasonal right now but I just never get sick of that stuff! I had the other half of the courgette in a big salad topped with hummus for lunch today:

Photo 03-06-2012 13 00 47

I’ve been loving hummus topped salads recently!

I decided to freeze the leftover coconut milk as I had a few ideas about how I could use it in this way:

Photo 03-06-2012 06 57 37

I thought that it would be really good just melted into a hot bowl of oats and I was right! I made some slow cooked oats on the stove top mixed with mashed banana, vanilla stevia (would also work with vanilla extract and some sweetener) and a pinch of sea salt. Then I added one of the coconut milk ice cubes on top along with a sprinkling of coconut palm sugar:

Photo 03-06-2012 07 03 19

I had bought a bag of The Raw Chocolate Company coconut sugar ages ago to experiment with, it was fabulous! It melted on top, almost like caramel. I’m think those coconut milk ice cubes will be great added to coffee or a smoothie and are an excellent way to use leftover canned coconut milk. After the hot oats I cooled off with a peanut butter frappe:

Photo 03-06-2012 07 32 21

This was another experiment, I blended chilled coffee, rice milk, peanut flour (peanut butter would also work) and ice with a little bit of vanilla stevia. Utterly delish!

Other tastiness was this big smoothie topped with pretzels and chocolate chips:

Photo 02-06-2012 19 59 39

I had a bit of a random day of eats yesterday after eating lunch late at the tea party. By the time dinner came around all I really fancied was another smoothie! This was spinach, mixed berries and chocolate sun warrior, ice cream heaven in a bowl :-)

I’ve also been getting my bake on this weekend:


I had a couple of brown bananas needing to be used so decided to make up a new recipe. Let me tell you these are damn good! I made these especially for James featuring two of his favourite flavours: Cherry and Almond. Will share the recipe soon!

Other than that I’ve been getting prepared for my little Jubilee get together tomorrow. Its going to be tasty and just a little bit boozy, just how I like it!

How has your weekend been so far? Are you a fan of coconut milk? If you are in the UK are you doing anything to celebrate the Jubilee?