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Yesterday we had our little Jubilee get together with our closest friends and family. We used my parents place because its nice and big and has a larger garden. Luckily after a bit of rain earlier in the day the sun came out so the kids (my nephews and my friends kiddies) could play. Oh and how adorable are those kids? They played so nicely with each other bless them! We all ate plenty of cake and those of us not driving or pregnant (one of my best friends and my cousin are both almost 8 months preggers, they both look beautiful with their bumps!) enjoyed more than just a few cheeky drinks :-) The buffet was delicious and included salad, veggies, hummus, olives, salsa, crisps, pie, quiche, pizza, sausage rolls, chilli and garlic sweet potato wedges, my Mam’s home made cup cakes, my cherry and almond muffins and my vegan vanilla cream sponge cake. I also filled some little tea cups with sweeties and marshmallows as a treat for the kids, they looked great on the buffet table! I enjoyed making a dent in the massive amount of Welch’s Grape juice I was sent last week, all varieties tasted really good, the white grape juice went exceptionally well with ginger beer and lime juice and the black grape juice reminded me of some kind of sweets but I just can’t put my finger on which one’s!

Today we are home again and just chilling out before its back to work tomorrow. I’m going to watch the Jubilee Carriage Procession later I think :-) Have you done anything to mark the Jubilee or even just to enjoy the extra two days off?