Welcome to the new look Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish! I decided to have a bit of a makeover yesterday, I hope you like it! I’ve tried to make it a bit more streamlined and pretty! I’ve updated my About and Recipes pages as well as adding some links to posts featuring OOTD’s, Workouts, What I Ate Wednesday posts, Green Smoothies and my Weight Loss tips down on the left. I would really love to know what you think!

Other than teaching myself how to use html and Photoshop (I knew my Art degree would come in useful one day!), this weekend has been pretty relaxed. I’ve been back on the coffee big time:


I added a cube of frozen full fat coconut milk which worked well to cool the coffee down a touch. It did add a bit of an oil slick on top, but it tasted great and I love me some healthy coconut fats!

Along with that coffee for breakfast, yesterday I had a simple bowl of oats with vanilla stevia, sea salt and topped with melty coconut sugar. I also had a big bowl of the most delicious sweet mango and blueberries:


For lunch I had a big salad:

Photo 09-06-2012 12 17 35

Absolute gorgeousness! This included romaine, spinach, cucumber, carrot, red onion, chickpeas, avocado, fresh apricots and balsamic vinegar.

For dinner last night I made a socca fold over stuffed with mashed avocado and some leftover tempeh that I’d baked on Friday night:

Photo 09-06-2012 18 42 42

Plus a big pile of broccoli of course!

Yesterday we decided to have a little trip out to the shops. I keeping saying I’m not going to buy anything but I actually found a few good bargains:


I got a pair of bright orange cloth shoes from Topshop which I got reduced because they had a tiny mark on them (£9), a spiky necklace also from Topshop (just £3.50) a little charity bracelet for £2, some great yoga pants from TK Maxx, The Maccabees and the best of The Smiths albums (2 for £10) and more of my favourite Ultrabland. I was really chuffed with those purchases!

This morning I was up for my long run, just under 9.5 miles! It was a nice relaxed and enjoyable run. I’m really chuffed with how I’m managing the increase in distance each week. I was a hungry beast when I got home and only pancakes would do! I made my chocolate hemp protein pancakes with banana, strawberries and maple peanut sauce:

Photo 10-06-2012 09 15 22

Absolute heaven!

My stash of home cooked frozen beans was running low so I decided to cook up a big pan. I had been meaning to make more chickpeas but I was all out so I used the last of my dried black beans. I used a cup of the freshly cooked beans to make some black bean hummus (1 cup of black beans, 1 clove of garlic, juice from half a lemon, 2 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp of olive oil, pinch of salt). I had some for lunch on rice cakes with avocado and veggies:

Photo 10-06-2012 12 58 02

Not the most appetising colour, but tasty non the less! Other than that there has been the usual smoothies, green juice made with lots of added lime juice, some dark chocolate covered coffee beans and this grape juice slushie:

Photo 10-06-2012 11 49 49

I blended some ice with grape juice and a pinch of salt (to help rehydrate me after the run). Lovely :-) Currently I am enjoying one of these:


My home made protein vanilla and grape juice ice lollies! They aren’t perfect – the protein powder separated but I do like the stripes! They taste wonderful! I just blended vanilla sun warrior with grape juice and froze in ice pop moulds.

Hope you’re having a good Sunday! Do you like the new look and what do you think of the updated About and Recipes page designs?