Oh I am so happy it’s the weekend, and an extra long one at that! Hope you have all had a good week!

Photo 28-05-2012 07 28 47

This week I finished the final phase of Female Body Breakthrough, that’s 16 weeks of workouts! I wasn’t really doing it with the aim of seeing a lot of changes other than perhaps a small increase in strength and making sure that I maintained muscle, but the results have been great. I’ve certainly seen an increase in strength and I’m feeling a lot more toned, despite having gained weight over that period. Mission accomplished!

  • Saturday – 8 miles
  • Sunday – REST
  • Monday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout A from Fine Tune phase of Female Body Breakthrough – heavy weight / low rep, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Tuesday – AM 4 mile run
  • Wednesday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout B from Fine Tune phase of Female Body Breakthrough – medium weight, mid range rep, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Thursday – PM yoga class 1hr 15 
  • Friday – AM 5 min cross trainer warm up, strength workout A from Fine Tune in phase of Female Body Breakthrough– light weight / high rep, 10 min HIIT step machine, 10 min HIIT bike

I’m now considering what I want to do with my strength training for the next few months, but it feels good to have finished the whole programme, even my amended version of it!

I’ve been all over smoothies again this week, even though the temperatures have dropped a bit I have still been loving them:

Photo 30-05-2012 08 46 46Spinach, melon, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, ice, water topped with roast almonds, mulberries, gojis and cacao nibs

Photo 27-05-2012 19 12 16Frozen raspberries, cocoa powder, water and ice topped with some flaked almonds

Photo 29-05-2012 20 27 36Kale, mixed frozen berries, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, ice, water topped with raw cacao granola, gojis and pumpkin seeds

I’ve also enjoyed a couple of tasty breakfasts:

Photo 29-05-2012 07 47 08Burgen Sunflower and Chia Seed bread toasted and spread with sesame peanut butter and a sliced pink lady apple

Photo 31-05-2012 06 36 31Overnight muesli – Dorset Cereals Simply Muesli soaked in rice milk overnight and mixed fresh blueberries

Photo 01-06-2012 08 20 19Chocolate protein chia pudding with blueberries and mulberries

The other night I wanted to make something quick and easy for dinner so made up some of my Veggie Chilli and served it with steamed greens and Tesco mild free from cheese:

Photo 30-05-2012 18 11 52

That chilli is one of my fave recipes as its just so quick and easy to make, tastes good and is very healthy! I also made up yet another socca:

Photo 27-05-2012 18 06 31

This was stuffed with mashed black beans, red onion and that vegan cheese with some steamed broccoli on the side. Another fast, tasty and healthy meal! Of course there has also been the usual salads, this one in particular was delicious:

Photo 29-05-2012 12 04 12

Romaine, cucumber, red onion, beetroot, olives, Raw Health crackers and some tahini dressing, yum yum! I’ve also been snacking on hummus:

Photo 29-05-2012 17 07 16

The plain Popchips dipped into the hummus was delish! I also had some of the juiciest dried figs ever, along with a sliced apple and some almond butter for dipping:

Photo 31-05-2012 16 39 12

The figs are Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference brand and I would highly recommend them, the best dried figs I’ve tasted!

On the weekend send off Love List this week…

a2a12b64aa8511e1a8761231381b4856_7Pink printed scarf from Mango

I said in yesterdays vlog that I was loving pink things, let this scarf be exhibit A. I really love it for adding some colour to just a plain t shirt and black trousers for work. Also…

These posts on Bangs and a Bun and The High Tea Cast regarding the Jessica Ennis ‘fat’ comments and the ridiculousness of having sponsors such as Coke and McDonalds sponsoring an event that should be promoting healthy living // this post from the always fabulous Gala Darling with 5 life lessons that I couldn’t agree more on // getting parcels – always a fave of mine but extra wonderful when you get a crate of grape juice! // getting some very validating feedback at work 

In case you missed it:

What are you loving this week? Do you have any big plans for the Jubilee weekend?