I’m happy to say that I’ve had another pretty productive week! I seem to have peaks and toughs with my productivity, but this week I have done a lot of thinking and planning – see my thoughts on writing a personal mission statement at the end of the post. A few things are starting to come together, at least in my head, and I think that’s half the battle sometimes.

A random lovely thing from this week has to include my new house plants:

2012-06-21 21.00.07

I got these at the weekend to replace one that had died and another than was over growing. I love having plants around the house, I think a room feels lifeless without at least a bit of green or some pretty blooming flowers in it!

This week I’ve been loving my breakfasts! I generally love breakfast in any case, its certainly my favourite meal of the day, but this week they have been exceptionally lovely:

2012-06-19 06.48.11Slice of toasted sunflower and chia seed bread with almond butter and black cherry jam with a simple green smoothie on the side

3bd5dd58bb6a11e1a8761231381b4856_7Have seen a few Cinnamon vanilla socca on various blogs so gave it ago! Stuffed with almond butter and fresh peaches

45608b60ba9e11e181bd12313817987b_7Fresh peaches, strawberries and honey pear with a bowl of tofu cream and granola plus a spoonful of sunbutter for dipping

Plus coffee with all of those, there is always coffee ;-) I’ve just been craving sweet fresh fruit all week! Other meals have tended to be the usual stuff:

Photo 20-06-2012 17 33 52A very green ‘clean out the fridge’ salad with romaine, quinoa, cucumber, edamame and avocado

Photo 21-06-2012 12 23 21Lentil soup and home made raw crackers – glad I saved that for lunch yesterday seeing as the weather was so dreadful a warm bowl of soup was much needed!

Photo 19-06-2012 18 14 41Raw courgette noodles topped with roast kabocha squash and tahini miso sauce – always good!

Photo 21-06-2012 15 30 08Green smoothie snack – with romaine, courgette, chocolate chip cookie dough spiru-tein protein powder, water and ice topped with dried figs and tahini

Photo 21-06-2012 10 06 02Strawberries, pear, tofu cream and Dorset Cereals Strawberry and Redcurrant Granola

Photo 19-06-2012 18 59 41Last but not least, a rice cake slathered with Justin’s chocolate Hazelnut butter!

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Just over 9.5 mile run
  • Monday – Gym – this strength and HIIT workout
  • Tuesday – Gym – 30 minutes cardio HIITs on the cross trainer, bike and rowing machine, Body Pump (new release!)
  • Wednesday – Hot yoga class 
  • Thursday – AM 3 mile run, PM yoga class
  • Friday – Gym – 5 min warm up cross trainer, 15 min treadmill speed run, 25 minutes of random strength exercises focusing on upper body and abs, 5 min bike cool down

Its been a fun workout week indeed! Running though to my parents house on Sunday morning made a great change to the usual out and back or loop running routes. Tuesday’s new Body Pump class was awesome, I loved the new body weight squats and squat jumps, lots of fun! Then I went for another hot yoga class at Yogalilies – it was brilliant as usual, extra sweaty! We even attempted some head stands and side crow pose but I think I need to work on achieving those! In this mornings workout I stuck to upper body strength exercises to give my legs a bit of a break ready for this weekends long run.

On the Love List this week…

121aac38bc4511e19dc71231380fe523_7Matcha loving!

When I saw that Tea Pigs had a 20% off offer on their Matcha Green Tea I couldn’t resist! I can’t wait to make some iced almond milk lattes! Also…

This post from Gala Darling with 100 things to do instead of wasting time on the internet – I’m already planning a wardrobe edit! // writing my own personal mission statement // exciting developments with my business! // Summer Solstice – I may not have done the 108 sun salutations but it was a beautiful sunny day and finishing it off with Hot Yoga and a chocolate avocado smoothie when I got home was perfect // anticipating the great weekend ahead – hair and wardrobe makeover!

Have you ever considered writing a personal mission statement? Or do you already have one? I’m quite into personal development and I’m so glad that I got round to spending some time developing my mission statement. If you haven’t done it I strongly urge you to have a look, its really helped to clarify a lot of the stuff going on in my life and help me to focus! Ditto with inspiration boards, I’m also a big fan of those!

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your love list?