Today I have another Vlog for you! I’ve been getting quite a few questions about protein powders, which ones I use, where I buy them from and how I use them. Hope you find this helpful!

Sorry I seem to have my serious face on in this vlog! I promise I’ll be much more smiley in my next one ;-) I could have talked for ages on this topic but I didn’t want the vlog to be too long, therefore I don’t generally talk about our protein needs in a more holistic sense. If this is something you want me to cover let me know!

As I talk about in the blog my favourite protein powders are:

  • Sun WarriorVanilla and Chocolate which I get from iHerb (use code AGA105 to get $5 off your first order) but which you can also order in the UK from Red23
  • Spiru-tein – My faves are Peanut Butter Swirl and Cookies and Cream. You can also order these from iHerb but if you are looking for a UK based seller try Health Mantra.
  • Good Hemp is a UK based company and you can order directly from their website. I also believe that some of their products are available in Holland and Barrat stores. Here’s a link to my lovely super fudgy raw protein brownies!

I think at some point I also talk about peanut flour as a good protein source. This is one of my faves! Again, this is available from iHerb.

If you aren’t concerned about your protein being vegan there are a lot of other options. My Protein have a massive selection available – I have previously used the True Whey products. I have also enjoyed using Maxitone products which are readily available in Tesco’s and Boots.

As I say in the Vlog, my preference is for Sun Warrior – its the most natural and least processed (apart from raw plain hemp) and for me, it tastes the best. However it ain’t cheap, and some people have found that they don’t like the taste. But one thing I have found is that people’s protein powder preferences are highly individual so its worth trying out samples when they are available.

If you are apprehensive about ordering from iHerb I am planning a ‘how to’ post which explains the best way to order from the UK and avoid any nasty customs charges, so stay tuned.

Do you use protein supplements? Why do you use them? Which are your favourites? Any other topics you’d like me to make a Vlog on? Don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel!