Hi guys, happy Friday! As always I am happy the weekend is finally here, its been a busy week! I had a late meeting on Tuesday, then working from home around meetings on Wednesday and Thursday so all go, go, go. Best of all we have had a little bit of sun, which means I can wear sandals without fear of getting wet feet :-) Here’s my favourite outfit from this week:

Photo 17-07-2012 08 15 38 (1)Collar necklace: Topshop, white blouse: H&M, white vest under blouse: H&M, black slim leg pants: Gap, gladiator sandals: Primark

Isn’t it amazing how some sunshine can lift your mood?

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Kettle bell class (plus 30 minutes relaxed cardio on the cross trainer and bike waiting for class to start)
  • Monday – 60 minute level 2 Vinyasa Flow from Yogaglo  
  • Tuesday – Davina Super Body DVD, Super Pump
  • Wednesday – Hot Yoga class
  • Thursday – Gym – 10 minutes cross trainer followed by body weight one leg squats, incline push ups and tricep dips with legs raised x 3 sets, then 10 minutes step machine followed by lunges, squats and pull over sit ups with medicine ball, 10 minutes bike
  • Friday – Gym – this strength and HIIT workout with a few changes – normal squats instead of split squats, increased weights on some exercises and just 10 minutes on the bike at the end. Also planning some yoga after work :-)

I’ve really enjoyed my workouts from this week, due to my usual schedule being shaken up I’ve been able to do some different things. I hadn’t done a Davina DVD in months! I reported on Yogaglo in my WIAW post and Hot yoga was brilliant as always.

The biggest thing to report about my eats this week has been the reintroduction of dairy in the form of full fat Total Greek Yoghurt. I was interested to see how my body would handle it and it seems to have been fine. I had it with a slice of Courgette Pecan Date bread and some strawberries for breakfast:

Photo 18-07-2012 06 44 04

Then again with a baked sweet potato with some sunflower seed butter:

Photo 19-07-2012 06 49 03

Such an amazing breakfast! The sweet potato and nut butter combo was out in full force this week, pre hot yoga I had it with almond butter and a side of steamed broccoli:

Photo 18-07-2012 17 45 25

I like this meal before yoga as its still filling but not too much so that it makes me feel stuffed for my class.

This week I have also been loving the unsweetened almond breeze:

Photo 19-07-2012 10 39 48

Oh my word this stuff is fantastic! I wasn’t expecting something so low in calories to be so creamy. I used it in a smoothie with nectarines, strawberries and vanilla sun warrior and it was delicious. I also made an amazing peanut butter cup smoothie with a cup of almond milk, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, 2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter and a little ice:

Photo 17-07-2012 20 10 48

This was so so good, I can’t wait to make it again! That milk is definitely going to be a regular item on my shopping list, even though its unsweetened I think the almonds have a natural sweetness which makes it mild and delicious. Gutted I can’t seem to find it on the £1 offer at any of my local stores!

Last night I had my usual smoothie in a bowl evening snack but added a raw chocolate shell:

Photo 19-07-2012 20 02 14

Frozen raspberries with chocolate chip spiru-tein and ice blended and topped with melted coconut oil mixed with raw cacao powder and a sprinkle of sea salt (I used 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1/2 tbsp of cacao plus 1 drop of liquid stevia) – it hardened like a magic shell, heaven!

I’ve also had some lovely lunches and dinners, I made a herbed socca wrap stuffed with black beans, red onion and vegan cheese:

Photo 19-07-2012 18 06 07

Utterly delicious! On Sunday night I made my Tofu and Sweet Potato Hash:

Photo 15-07-2012 18 07 15

Then for lunches I’ve been having salads topped with beetroot, avocado and hummus:

Photo 18-07-2012 13 39 08

Not getting sick of that combo any time soon!

On the Love List this week…

994ef65acff011e18ddc22000a1cdc05_7This smells incredible!

After all my raw chocolate making antics I got some raw cacao butter from Viva pure to replenish my stocks! This stuff has the most amazing scent, I can’t wait to use it in a few different recipes. Also…

Starting my IIN course! This week we had module 1 and a good all round intro to the programme // Connecting with great people – I’ve been emailing Nathalie another IIN’er for a while now, I love being able to talk to people that ‘get it’ plus she very kindly sent me some goodies in the post this week, thanks Nathalie! // getting some great feedback on my business brief // feeling content in where I am right now with diet and exercise :-)

In case you missed it:

Have you tried the unsweetened almond milk yet? Are you a full fat or zero fat Greek yoghurt lover? I also like the 2% but the full fat is so creamy! What’s on your love list this week?