Hello everyone! As you are reading this I should be getting settled in at Kendal Calling! I’ve been spending the week getting ready for the festival experience. As I write this the weather forecast doesn’t look that great but we won’t be letting that dampen our spirits! Luckily the cold / flu type thing I’ve had is much much better, I do think that smoothie had a lot to do with it!

IMG_1001You can see what we got up to last year here!

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Kettle bell class (plus 30 minutes relaxed cardio on the cross trainer and bike waiting for class to start)
  • Monday – 60 minute level 1/2 Vinyasa Flow from Yogaglo
  • Tuesday – Body Pump 
  • Wednesday – 60 minute level 2 Vinyasa Flow from Yogaglo 
  • Thursday – Gym – this strength and HIIT workout with increased weights on some exercises plus an extra 5 minutes on the rowing machine tagged on the end to cool down
  • Friday – REST – unless you count setting up a tent and carrying stuff from the car to the campsite as a workout – FYI I DO!

As I said on Wednesday working out actually made me feel much better, however I did make sure that I did some lower intensity yoga too – I found that the focus on breathing helped immensely!

The good weather meant that I could bust out the maxi:

Photo 23-07-2012 07 28 06Fave Outfit of the Week: stripy vest top with cowl neck: Monsoon, via a very thoughtful gift from a new found friend :-), tan leather belt: Topshop, black maxi skirt: Primark, tan leather sandals: New Look

So this week has been a bit of an odd one with feeling poorly, although I have to say I haven’t been ill in months and well, these things happen to the best of us! Alongside plenty of magical smoothies my eats have been fairly typical:

Photo 23-07-2012 06 56 32Overnight oats with chia seeds, kara coconut milk, goji berries and pistachios with a green smoothie made from spinach, apricots and vanilla sun warrior

Photo 26-07-2012 06 37 19Sweet potato with home made cashew sunflower seed butter and a chopped apple

Photo 26-07-2012 07 23 54Coffee blended with cacao butter – still loving this combo, more on it soon!

Photo 25-07-2012 12 19 45Inspired by Liz’s trail mix salad, a salad with romaine, cucumber, red onion, spring onions, beetroot and some home mixed trail mix including brazil nuts, dried blueberries and mulberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and roasted edamame.

Photo 25-07-2012 15 57 35Snack of raw cashews and a beautiful peach

Photo 25-07-2012 18 08 42Buddha bowl of quinoa, edamame, tahini miso dressing and parsley on steamed greens

Photo 26-07-2012 12 46 52Random ‘use it up’ snack plate lunch of home made raw crackers, cucumber, green pepper, sauerkraut, olives, sesame peanut butter for dipping

Something not so typical for me was more eggs in the form of an omelette with red onion and vegan cheese:

Photo 22-07-2012 18 04 04

I’m not gonna lie, this was goood!

On the Love List this week…

I would have loved this song from Bat for Lashes anyway, but the fact that it is called Laura makes me love it even more! Hauntingly beautiful and Natasha is so pretty in the video :-) Also…

This article and comments about the paleo diet and ancestry diets in general – the argument of meat centric diets versus plant based diets rages on it seems – an interesting read if you’re a nutrition geek like me! // organic ginger tea sweetened with manuka honey // stocking up on unsweetened almond milk in the 3 for £3 deal at Tesco // enjoying the sun while we’ve had it!

In case you missed it:

So I am going to be MIA from the blog world for a few days, but I will still be reading your comments :-) Catch me on Twitter and Instagram if you like!

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List this week? Are you looking forward to the Olympic opening ceremony? I’m hoping that somewhere at the festival they will show it. Have a great weekend!