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In just over a week’s time I’ll be heading off to Kendal Calling music festival! We went to the festival last year and enjoyed it so much we decided to go again this year. Last year was my first festival experience and I learned a lot about how I could make sure I was better prepared to be able to enjoy the experience and not spend a fortune in the process.

Firstly, let’s talk food! Veggies, vegans and the generally health conscious tend to be quite well served at festivals. I know that last year at Kendal there was a fresh juice bar and several outlets serving ethnic vegan foods. However they aren’t cheap! Last year I did take some provisions for breakfast but that was it. Our cash quickly disappeared on our other meals and snacks! This year I am going to be better prepared, not just for myself but also for James. Here’s some ideas for healthy festival food…

Overnight oats in a jar – add half a cup of oats, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, pinch of cinnamon and 2 tbsp of raisins to a jar. The night before you want to eat them just add some water or a little carton of non dairy milk to the jar and shake it up. To keep it cool I left the jar nestled just outside the tent. In the morning I added a sliced banana for a tasty breakfast!


Of course this depends on how well you remember to add the liquid the night before, but even just leaving it for 15 minutes should do the trick – the chia seeds will add thickness.
Other breakfast options include little tubs of muesli – either these Dorset Cereals ones or some added to a lunch box along with a carton of non dairy milk:

Photo 30-05-2012 19 23 44

The mini cartons of non dairy milk which don’t require refrigeration are excellent for when you are travelling or camping. I will also be taking a lot of apples, oranges and bananas with me – basically any fruit that will last without refrigeration. Snacks wise I will be taking a few bars such as Nakd bars and raisin snack packs, 9 Bars and Trumi bars (got a review of these coming up soon!)

Photo 16-07-2012 07 16 27
I’m going to make some home made flapjacks for James as he loves stuff like that – those can be wrapped in foil to keep them fresh. I’m also going to take some nut butter and rice cakes / whole grain crackers and some of my home made raw crackers.

For energy I have recently discovered these healthier alternatives to Red Bull:

Photo 16-05-2012 17 42 27
I’m hoping that they will give me a lift when I’m flagging! Green tea bags are an essential for me too, and don’t forget the Milk Thistle to help ward off a hangover!

The thing I miss the most whenever I’m away from home is my veggies, especially greens. Its very rare that anywhere serves the amount of veggies and leafy greens I’m used to, never mind at a festival! The few day’s leading up to it I’ll be getting in plenty of green smoothies as well as having a lot when I get home! If you did feel the urgent need for greens you can purchase greens powders that you just shake up with water, but I’m sure I’ll cope ;-) Oh and don’t forget to take your usual multi vitamin with you!

As for festival fashion I think this year could be interesting due to the weather! I really love these festival looks:

Festival style, bring on Kendal Calling!
Festival lookQlexq12-124512_l_large

1, 2, 3

Alexa Chung totally rocks the festival look! I also like this video with Daisy Lowe sharing her festival fashion tips:

Like Daisy, I love my floral dresses so I think I’ll take an easy to wear floral tea dress which I can layer up with tights, a jumper and if needed, wellies and a waterproof. I also love the denim shorts look, I cut up an old pair of Primark jeans which depending on the weather, I can layer up with tights as well.

Even if the weather turns out to be dry I would never wear sandals at a festival, I want as much between my skin and the floor of the portaloo as possible thank you very much! I’m going to take wellies in case of rain and some flat ankle length boots. The only key item on my wish list is an Army Jacket like this:

Topshop: £48

I’m hoping I might be able to find something a bit cheaper than that one though!
Other than that my one other key essential is dry shampoo! For a great festival essentials post check out the fabulous High Tea Cast.

Are you off to any festivals this year? What are your food and fashion tips?
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