I thought I’d do a post about ordering from iHerb as I have had several emails from readers asking me how you go about it. Its not as straight forward as it may seem due to the different postage options and possible customs charges. However, these can be navigated so you can access all the goodies that iHerb have to offer! Please note this post has been written with UK readers in mind.

*I can’t take any responsibility for any unexpected customs chargers incurred – you can challenge Royal Mail if you feel they are not correct. This post is not sponsored, I just really like iHerb! This post is in response to readers requests :-)

1. Check out the site First and foremost take a look at the site! I have listed below some of my top iHerb products that I purchase on a regular basis.

2. Create an account Then you need to create an account. Once you have created your account and entered your address details the postage options for the UK (or where ever in the world you live – iHerb post to loads of different countries) should be displayed on your Cart page.  As an international customer there may be an extra step involved in approving your credit card but you will be emailed for any further information if they require it.

3. Add items to your wish list Once you have created an account this also means that you are able to create a wish list! I think the best way to start an order is to create a wish list of the products you would like to try. When viewing products you should see an ‘add to wish list’ link.

wish list

4. Add to Cart and create your order Once you have filled your wish list its time to create your order selecting the products you would like and adding them to your cart. I advise using the wish list function as an easy way to list the things you want, as you might need to mix up the different products in each order to be able to fit the shipping weight and total cost rules detailed below.

5. Decide on shipping options using the rules For us in the UK we have two main postage options – airmail or DHL / UPS. For DHL there is a high shipping fee added, however your order will arrive much quicker than by airmail. You will be charged additional customs fees and DHL tend to withhold your order until you call them and pay those charges. I have used DHL in the past, but would only use it now for really large orders and if I was desperate!

The much more affordable option is airmail. To ensure you can use the airmail option and avoid customs charges if you are in the UK you need to follow these rules:

  • The package has a shipping weight of less than 4lb
  • The total of the goods (sub total) is less than £15 (at the moment this equates to $23.24, but use a currency converter to double check)

iherbclose up

If both of those rules are followed you should not be charged anything additional other than the $6 shipping fee. I have recently placed orders for Sun Warrior Protein Powder which is more than £15 and NOT had any customs charges, so sometimes Royal Mail might not check!

Standard international airmail is $6 on top of your order (unless your order totals more than $40 but then you would get charged customs charges anyway). Below you can see a breakdown of what customs would charge you if you went over the £15:


6. Decide if you need to split or order else where If what you would like to order is made up of several smaller cheaper items it will probably be worth splitting them down into a few packages to keep their totals under the £15, regardless of weight. If you are ordering something which is over the £15 in its own right, then you will need to work out the additional charges you may get, check to see if you can purchase that product from a cheaper source in the UK, and if not weigh up how much you really want that product! Make sure you use code AGA105 for $5 off your first order.

7. Place your order! Once you hit ‘proceed to check out’ you will be asked to confirm the shipping option and review your order before confirming it. If using airmail your package will tend to arrive in about 10 – 15 days. I like to make a small order once a month or so, its a lovely surprise when it arrives!

*EDITED TO ADD – please remember that it’s the total value of the goods, NOT the total of the order (i.e. if you get a discount that reduces your order to under £15, but the value of the goods is still in excess of that, you could still be charged the tax and admin fee my Royal Mail)

My top iHerb products


These are the products that I buy on a regular basis:

The site has an enormous range of products so just have a good browse and see what they have to offer.

Don’t forget to code AGA105 to save $5 on your first order!

I really hope that this post has been useful! If you have any further questions please leave me a comment below. If you are already an iHerb customer what are your favourite products you’d recommend for others?

*PLEASE NOTE* I do not work for iHerb and therefore can not help you with your orders. This post is for information only, Royal Mail / HMRC / DHL / Customs etc can all change their rules at any time – I take no responsibility for any orders or any financial losses – sorry!