Hello folks, happy Friday! Hope you have had a lovely week. I have to admit this one has been a bit of a long stressful one for me so I’m happy the weekend has arrived! It certainly hasn’t been that bad though, I have quite a few things on my Love List this week, and we did have a day of sunshine which prompted me to get the legs out! My favourite outfit from this week:

Photo 12-07-2012 07 08 51OOTD: heart pendant: vintage, stripy top: Topshop, blue dress worn as skirt: Mango, tan leather sandals: New Look

I love that dress and it worked so well layered up with the top for work. The blue is such a stunning colour it really cheered up my day!

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Kettle bell class (plus 30 minutes relaxed cardio on the cross trainer and bike waiting for class to start)
  • Monday – 30 minutes total cardio on cross trainer, step machine and bike, quick medicine ball workout and a few circuits of the weights machines
  • Tuesday – Body Pump class
  • Wednesday – MTV Power Yoga DVD
  • Thursday – evening Yoga class
  • Friday – Gym – this strength and HIIT workout but I increased all the upper body weights by 1kg same as last week and went a bit easier on the HIIT

I’m really enjoying my workouts at the moment, and as you will see no running! Instead I have really enjoyed my classes at the gym and my yoga practice. On Sunday night I was just doing a few poses in the living room while listening to one of my IIN lectures and I managed full Plough Pose! I was chuffed to bits :-)

I’ve also been enjoying some very tasty meals recently. I have quite a few thoughts on how I’m eating and how that has been evolving to share soon. I just feel like I’m doing well at giving my body what it needs right now.

On Sunday night I had a big veggie packed stir fry with edamame topped with some shoyu roasted sunflower seeds:

Photo 08-07-2012 18 02 12

At the weekend I had made up some of my Seitan Sausage so I had some of that added to a mix of sautéed onion, courgette and aubergine in some tomato sauce with Italian seasonings and basil. I piled it up on top of some spaghetti squash:

Photo 10-07-2012 18 12 56

I had the other half of the squash with steamed broccoli and edamame beans topped with some of my green goddess dressing:

Photo 11-07-2012 18 11 58

I adore that dressing, I could drink it! I’ve also been having it on salads all week:

Photo 09-07-2012 12 27 18

Chickpeas with romaine, beetroot, cucumber and red onion.

For breakfasts I have been making the most of the doughnut peaches I bought from the market. First with muesli and almond milk:

Photo 10-07-2012 06 43 38

Also with some vanilla coconut raw ‘yoghurt’ (1/2 scoop of vanilla sun warrior protein powder, 1 tbsp of raw coconut flour mixed with water) and a heavenly slice of raw millionaires shortbread:

Photo 12-07-2012 06 33 34

On Wednesday I had some oats. I’d cooked them the night before to give me the option to have them cold or warm them back up again. The weather made my decision for me: hot porridge with apple, cinnamon and home made sunflower seed cashew nut butter:

Photo 11-07-2012 06 49 19

Snacks wise I’ve been having pink lady apples with sachets of nut butter:

Photo 09-07-2012 15 04 52

I just suck the nut butter straight out of the packet! I’ve also had dried figs with mixed seeds and pretzels:

Photo 12-07-2012 07 00 33

Such a good combo! When the weather did improve slightly yesterday I jumped on the chance to have an iced coffee:

Photo 12-07-2012 06 46 03

Please tell me I’m not the only person that takes great joy in seeing the milk swirl round? This was almond milk and oh so delicious. I do think I’m becoming the Mrs Doyle of coffee – and if you get that reference we are best friends forever ;-)

On Tuesday night my stress levels were increased slightly when my trusty Kenwood kMix blender decided to give up on me. I think it was just one too many bowls of protein ice cream! I would still recommend that blender to anyone, its lasted me over two years of heavy use and could handle processing ice and tough veggies very well. However I use my blender at least twice a day and I think it just wasn’t built to sustain that level of use. Now, I have always promised myself that when my blender died I would be replacing it with the creme de la creme of blenders – the Vitamix. These are not cheap by a long shot, however after talking to James and being encouraged by naughty people on Twitter, I decided to bite the bullet…

On the Love List this week:

a14a1c5ccc3711e1aee522000a1e8a5f_7My red Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre in red!

If it was a person it would be a sexy Italian with dark eyes and a killer smile who owns a red Ferrari ;-) Needless to say I am in love! This is my big early 30th Birthday present from James (and myself). I can’t wait to experiment with it. I’ve already made some green smoothies and protein ice cream and you can tell the difference in terms of texture and speed. It is also a doddle to clean which is a big thumbs up in my book. I’ll be playing with my new toy all weekend! Also…

Having my orientation call with IIN – classes start on Monday! // getting into the habit of painting my nails again, having them a bright pink cheers me up // tweets and facebook messages from my aged Thirty something followers telling me how awesome it is to be 30! Will be blogging more on this soon // tidying up my dropbox and evernote accounts // cuddles from James // relaxing on an evening by pottering about on Pinterest and Tumblr

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List this week? Vitamix owners – do you have any tips and tricks for me?