Hello everyone, happy weekend! Hope you have had a fantastic week :-) Its been a crazy one for me, I feel like I have so much on my plate at the moment I’m just trying to hold it all together. I find that when I haven’t had my usual weekend to get stuff done I end up playing catch up all week, however I am going to…

Do itsource

…and get on with what needs to be done!

As I said in my WIAW and Monthly review post, I’m currently focusing in a little on my diet to help me get my sparkle back after feeling a bit under the weather for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been enjoying lots of green smoothies and healthy fats to get that glow and it has been working really well! I have continued having an ACV drink each morning and I’ve also been incorporating in this oil and supplement which I was sent to review from Goodness Direct, for an added boost:

Photo 02-08-2012 07 07 29

Alongside that I have been avoiding sugar, sweeteners and my beloved shoyu sauce for the last 5 days. The only sweet foods I have had has been in the form of fruit, sweet veggies, the odd bite of raw chocolate (a girl has to live!) and sun warrior protein powder which contains some stevia. I have to say I’ve been amazed at the results! My palate seems to have been refreshed and foods that did not previously taste as sweet now pop with flavour.

Photo 01-08-2012 06 50 48Smoothie with kale, blueberries, vanilla sun warrior, coconut oil, maca powder, Viridian skin oil

I’m certainly not about to ditch sugar, sweeteners or salty condiments altogether as I enjoy them too much, however I think I will be trying to be a touch more moderate about how I use them in future. As well as improvements in my sense of taste I also seem to have almost beaten this cold out altogether, my energy levels have been more staple and and I’m sleeping the best I’ve slept in ages! 

Photo 02-08-2012 06 38 53Smoothie with romaine, a peach, vanilla sun warrior, two tbsp of tahini, Viridian skin oil, maca powder

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – At the festival so walking, squatting, walking, walking, squatting, walking
  • Sunday – Ditto the above + carrying bags back to car
  • Monday – REST – good heavens I needed it!
  • Tuesday – 30 minutes cardio on machines in gym, Muscle Mix class
  • Wednesday – Hot Yoga at Yogalilies 
  • Thursday – Level 2 Full Moon Vinyasa yoga class from Yogaglo 
  • Friday – Gym – this strength and HIIT workout with increased weights on some exercises

I can honestly say that using portaloos for 3 days straight does wonders for your quads, I have perfected my squatting technique put it that way ;-) I had thought about hitting the gym when we got back on Monday but that would have been really stupid, that day of complete rest was exactly what my body needed!

I was also super excited when I came back into work on Tuesday and found a few deliveries waiting for me, first up my welcome pack for IIN:

Photo 31-07-2012 07 41 42

This is wonderful, it contained quite a few resources including a great journal for 3 months that helps you to look at your lifestyle, diet and well pretty much everything. I can’t wait to get started! I also had my first conference call with other IIN students and it was just incredible to hear what an amazing bunch of people I’m learning with!

I’ve also been starting to link with MyProtein. I used to purchase products from MyProtein a lot in the past and since then they have massively widened their product range. I was kindly sent some of their Coconpure oil (organic virgin coconut oil) and Almond butter to try out:

Photo 01-08-2012 17 35 14

Oh my god, that almond butter! It is a huge bucket full of pure drippy almond butter heaven. No other added ingredients just pure almonds! I had to drive straight in and have some on a sweet potato with broccoli for my usual pre hot yoga meal:

Photo 01-08-2012 17 43 18

Fab as usual!

A little while ago I was also invited to try out some salad veggies from Good Natured. Unfortunately my local Asda store only had the peppers in stock (the range includes tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines too) so I also bought some strawberries:

Photo 02-08-2012 17 31 04

The Good Natured range are free from pesticides but not certified organic, which I know for some farmers is a costly process even when they still do not use pesticides. I have to say those peppers tasted are the best I’ve tasted in a long time! I decided to make my Veggie Chilli with them and it was lovely:

Photo 02-08-2012 18 06 56

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of making a chilli sooner to help fight my cold! I added two cloves of garlic and a tonne of hot chilli powder to this, yum yum!

I’ve also been doing the usual salad thing:

Photo 01-08-2012 12 01 36

And I’ve been eating a boat load of avocadoes (only 39p each in Aldi right now!) I made an amazing chilled soup, I’m going to perfect the recipe over the weekend and share it with you next week its so good!

On the Love List this week…

e574c710da5611e1ad6922000a1e8b8a_7A shit load of veggies! (and tahini, going through almost a jar a week)

As I talked about at the top of the post, dialling up the green smoothies and veggies in general this week has been wonderful. I feel like I have a renewed appreciation for them this week as I’ve slowed down and really savoured their taste. Also…

snacking on raw nuts macadamias, walnuts and cashews, nuts have not been safe from me this week! // the home collection at Urban Outfitters, refreshing the decor in our flat is on my list to do soon! // The lovely Christina blogged about clothing brand Olive, so my style and pretty affordable! // just one week until my birthday!

In case you missed it:

How has this week been for you? What’s on your love list? How often do you stop and really take time to taste your food?