Well this weekend as expected has been pretty busy, I have dominated my to do list and it feels really good to be getting through it! After I’d posted on Friday I actually decided to cut the list down to make it more manageable. I’m all about reducing stress whenever I can and a lot of things on the list were not urgent after all.

Photo 04-08-2012 09 09 48Outfit from Saturday: cream blazer: H&M, white cotton blouse: vintage, gold necklaces: Warehouse, brown woven belt: Miss Selfridge, ‘Coffee is good for your brain’ bag: Hello Memo, jeans: Topshop, brogues: Topshop

On Friday night I did some multitasking by listening to some of my IIN audio classes while I cleaned the flat. Yesterday morning we had a quick trip to town to get James costume for my party next week, then I spent the afternoon getting some blog stuff done, more IIN work, making raw crackers in the dehydrator and whipping up a new recipe! Today I hit up the gym for Kettle bells, called to see friends and then went to scope out food options with my Mam for the buffet for the party next week. Oh and there has also been some extremely exciting developments this weekend around my health coaching work, phew!

I have had time to feed myself quite nicely though, I do have my priorities! Breakfast yesterday was delicious:

Photo 04-08-2012 07 36 06

Socca cooked in coconut oil and stuffed with 3 fresh figs, tahini and local honey. I just love fresh figs, expect to see them in another recipe soon!

This morning I had a baked sweet potato with peanut butter for some kettle bell class fuel:

Photo 05-08-2012 07 31 38

I’d actually baked this in the oven rather than the microwave like I usually do and my word it was gorgeous! So much better done in the oven, I’ll have to start pre baking a few to keep me going during the week. I also had a coffee blended with 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil:

Photo 05-08-2012 07 39 17

This was lovely, just like the coffee blended with raw cacao butter! As I’ve been saying I will be blogging more to explain the fats blended into coffee thing soon. Speaking of coffee:

Photo 04-08-2012 09 48 28

It was actually warm enough on Saturday to enjoy an iced coffee! This was a grande soy latte with sugar free vanilla syrup.

For dinner last night I’d made myself some Perfect Tofu in the oven and had it with a big bowl of sautéed kale, broccoli and pak choy in a coconut ginger broth:

Photo 04-08-2012 18 45 50

The broth was basically full fat tinned coconut milk and minced ginger. Such a simple but tasty way to eat your greens! There was also raw chocolate for dessert:

Photo 04-08-2012 19 03 02

A couple of pieces of my almond and raisin bark from the fridge.

After the gym this morning I made a really great peach, coconut and vanilla bean smoothie using some new protein powder and a treat purchase from this weekend:

Photo 05-08-2012 11 11 34

I blended two peaches, a scoop of unsweetened vanilla Life’s Basics protein powder, maca, omega skin oil, full fat tinned coconut milk, water, ice and 1/4 tsp of my new vanilla bean paste:


That smoothie tasted just like a proper vanilla milkshake, I didn’t want it to end! I got the vanilla bean paste as a treat from Waitrose and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it. I’m also very impressed with that new protein powder. I thought I would try something a little different than the sun warrior protein powder for a change. Its a lot cheaper than sun warrior so you can avoid the customs charges if you purchase from iHerb and it has some excellent nutritional stats. It does seem to have that more chalky taste though, so if you are not a sun warrior fan then I doubt you would like this, however I think I’m in love!

Now I think I’m just about ready to finish watching the tennis and get settled for the night. Looking forward to a big stir fry for dinner!

How has your weekend been so far? Are you a ‘to do’ list writer? Are you a fan of vanilla?