Hello lovelies, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Photo 26-08-2012 10 52 18Taken on my walk this morning, so beautiful!

So far my weekend has been exactly what I’ve needed: relaxing! Yesterday I got up and did a couple of workout DVD’s, got some grocery shopping in, saw friends, watched a movie with James then stayed up late reading magazines (I decided to treat myself to Elle and Yoga Magazine) while watching the comedy special on Channel 4. Father Ted for the win :-) Today has been perfect, a lie in, pancakes and iced coffee and a walk in the sunshine.

I think I mentioned on Friday that I was looking forward to doing a big pay day grocery shop. I thought it would be nice to share with you what I got, I love noising at people’s grocery shopping! I visited 3 different supermarkets (over Friday and yesterday) to buy our usual faves and get the best value at the same time. This food is for myself and James and includes a couple of treats:

Photo 24-08-2012 16 37 51Tesco: tinned full fat coconut milk (on special offer), unsweetened almond breeze (on offer so stocked up!), dried adzuki beans, avocados, peppers, giant bag of almonds, kale, spinach, courgettes

Photo 24-08-2012 16 38 01Aldi – broccoli, sweet potatoes, tinned tuna, plums, blackberries, mushrooms, red onions, avocado, cucumbers, celery, romaine

Photo 25-08-2012 10 08 24Sainsbury’s – crisps, olives, strawberry yoghurts, full fat Greek yoghurt, organic brown rice, almond extract, hummus, organic goats cheese, small wholemeal loaf, cooked ham, mild cheese, tofu, 12 large organic eggs, skimmed milk

Photo 25-08-2012 10 08 55Sainsbury’s continued – crushed ice, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, frozen mixed berries, 14 inch thin and crispy pizza, banana’s, ginger, potted parsley and basil

All of that has well and truly stocked us up for a while, I love having a full fridge and freezer to make meals from!

I was very much looking forward to opening up one of those cans of coconut milk, I decided to refrigerate the can so that the milk goes extra creamy and I’ve been using it in different meals throughout the weekend, including my favourite blended coffee:

Photo 26-08-2012 09 04 41

I had it hot yesterday morning and iced this morning. I just blend the coffee with about 1/4 can of the milk, vanilla bean paste and a little stevia. I’ve got a whole post on the blended coffee thing coming up really soon, so stay tuned. I also enjoyed it with a bowl of strawberries:

Photo 24-08-2012 20 15 47

Heaven! Then last but not least I decided to try out some experimental pancakes and holy moly they were good!

Coconut Milk Pancakes (serves 1 hungry person, grain and sugar free, roughly based on and inspired by this version)

Photo 26-08-2012 08 44 04

  • 1 medium ripe banana
  • 2 large organic eggs (I’m sure that flax eggs would work too for a vegan version)
  • 2 tbsp of full fat tinned coconut milk or coconut cream
  • 1 tbsp of coconut flour (or flour of choice, almond meal would also work well)

Pop a frying pan on the stove over a medium high heat to warm up. In a bowl, mash the banana with the coconut milk until smooth. In a separate jug beat the eggs then add the banana mix and flour and mix well. Pour some of the batter in to the greased pan and cook slowly until bubbles start to form and the underside is cooked. Flip the pancake and cook the other side (should only take a couple of minutes on the other side) then transfer to a plate and keep warm under the grill while you use the rest of the batter. I got 2 good sized pancakes and one smaller one from this mix. Enjoy with your choice of fruit, syrup or sauce.

Photo 26-08-2012 08 43 48

I had mine with blackberries, figs and more coconut milk on top. The trick with these is to cook them very slowly. They puff up nicely and taste just wonderful with a beautiful bananary coconuty flavour. With only 4 ingredients they are so easy to make!

Other delicious things from this weekend must include this fabulous socca pizza:

Photo 25-08-2012 19 00 16

I added fresh basil to the socca crust and topped it with fresh figs, organic goats cheese, thyme honey, grilled it and then added more basil. I have a great recipe featuring figs and goats cheese coming up for you tomorrow!

Another lovely simple meal was yesterday’s brunch:

Photo 25-08-2012 10 35 26

Scrambled organic eggs and a peach sautéed in coconut oil inspired by Katie. The peach tasted amazingly sweet and tender.

Its been a very tasty weekend, I’m really enjoying my food right now!

How has your weekend been so far? Do you do a big pay day shop or just get in groceries as you go? We tend to do a mix depending on when we run out of things. If you have a bank holiday tomorrow do you have any big plans?