What an amazing weekend I have had! For the last two days I have been getting attuned to Reiki and the experience has been quite amazing. I have to admit I’m not one of these new age hippy types, but luckily neither was the Reiki teacher. The workshop has been delivered in a really practical way with a no nonsense approach. In case you aren’t sure what Reiki is, it kind of operates along a similar basis as yoga, acupuncture and tai chi but where as yoga stretches the body to improve energy flow and acupuncture physically prods the body to improve energy flow, Reiki teaches you how to change the flow of energy yourself. I’ve basically spent most of the weekend in meditation, learning about the chakras and giving and receiving Reiki which has been fab!

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  • 2 egg omelette stuffed with almond butter and sugar free strawberry jam
  • Butternut squash pancakes (just 2 eggs, mashed roast butternut, cinnamon, ginger) with strawberries, peanut butter and maple syrup
  • Chocolate Cherry smoothie with beet greens topped with peanut flour sauce and cacao nibs
  • Home made spicy cheesy kale chips fresh from the dehydrator
  • Fresh green juice to start my day with cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger and cayenne
  • Milky and clear quartz crystals from my Reiki attunement weekend
  • Coffee blended with coconut milk and vanilla bean over ice
  • Chilli dark chocolate truffles and a nectarine stuffed with raw cacao brazil nut bliss
  • Mega salad with roast butternut, beets, red onion and garlic with green lentils, spinach and tahini sauce

Of course I’ve also been eating some delicious food – the butternut squash pancakes where incredible and I was over the moon when I saw some big whole leaves of kale for sale at the green grocers so I could make some decent kale chips. I made a coating for them with cashews, hemp seeds, cayenne, garlic and nutritional yeast. I did also get to see my parents and pop round to see my best friend for a good catch up over a cuppa as well. Good stuff!

Right now I’m feeling rather chilled and looking forward to the week ahead! How has your weekend been? I know Reiki probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I can’t deny what I’ve felt over the weekend and its actually been quite a profound experience for me. Have you ever heard of Reiki? What are your thoughts?