I’m on holiday! Sorry I just had to get that in straight away as I’m so excited to have a bit of time off :-)


I baked these to take away with us for our friends – they are banana coconut chocolate chip muffins. I based them on my recipe for banana coconut bread and just added some mini dark chocolate chips and baked for 20 minutes. They smelled and taste (I had to sample one for quality control purposes of course) amazing! We are off down to Brighton with a stop over at our friends that live close to Cambridge and a planned day trip to London. We are hoping that going south might mean we catch the very dreggs of the summer weather!

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday– REST
  • Sunday3,2,1 workout
  • Monday – 5 min warm up on cross trainer, workout 1, 10 min HIIT on bike
  • Tuesday– 20 minutes cardio on machines in gym, Body Pump class (new release!)
  • Wednesday – Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1 via You Tube
  • Thursday– 30 minutes cardio HIIT the gym
  • Friday – 5 min warm up on cross trainer, workout 2, 10 min HIIT on bike

We got to do the new Body Pump release on Tuesday evening which was nice for a change, I enjoyed the back track and bicep tracks the most. I also decided to add in an extra little workout on Thursday as I won’t be doing much working out next week while I’m off!

I’ve had some really tasty food this week – a lot of it resulting from some random cravings and a need to use things up before we go away:

PicMonkey Collageweek

  • Half a banana with sun butter and dark chocolate chips
  • Sweet potato smoothie with nutty muesli
  • Peach topped with cashew sunflower seed butter
  • Sunflower and chia seed bread with avocado, honey and bee pollenplus and orange and Earl Grey tea
  • Fruit and raw chocolate
  • Tricolour quinoa with chickpeas and avocado on top of steamed greens
  • Random but gorgeous salad with spinach, cucumber, apple, raisins, roast almonds and tahini dressing
  • Porridge made with an egg for ‘Custard Oats’ topped with figs, tahini, honey and bee pollen

I’ve had a big craving for fats, yesterday I had been planning to have lentil soup for lunch but I had the most intense craving for something green and nuts so I made that lovely salad with the spinach, apple, raisins, almonds and tahini. Cravings can result in some pretty great combos sometimes! Last night I also welcomed the start of my holidays with almost a whole bar of Lindt dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, I was feeling a guilty about indulging but as James said – I need to maintain my new curves! Something tells me I won’t have any problems in that department next week ;-)

On the Love List this week…

Packing just a few of my statement necklaces, love these for adding some style to simple t-shirts! Also…

Colour coding my emails and sorting all my labels out so that I am super organised! // this recipe for Fig and Olive Oil Cake (OMG!) // this lovely post from Sabine at Some Like it Raw – I love her thoughts on the things that should be taught in school // meditating and actually enjoying it // planning where to go and what to do next week

In case you missed it:

I’m going to be MIA from blogland this week, I do have some great posts scheduled for while I’m away and I’ll probably drop in at some point if I can figure out how to blog from my iPad! I will of course still be reading all of your lovely comments and if you would like to follow my Brighton and London adventures you can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram I am @keephealthstyle. Hope you all have a great weekend and a fab week, see you from Brighton!