This week I have been on a total tea kick. I’ve noticed that coffee has been leaving me feeling a bit too jittery from time to time so I thought it would be a good idea to have a break from it (sob). I have been enjoying black teas with almond milk and other herbal teas instead:

PicMonkey Collage1Orange & Jasmine tea at Starbucks, St Dalfour Black Cherry Black Tea

Yep, I even skipped my usual soy vanilla latte when I treated myself to a little Starbucks action before Yoga on Wednesday night. I actually gave myself some much needed chill time after visiting my Grandma and one of my best friends on the way to town for Yoga I stopped at my Mam and Dad’s and ate dinner – another treat this time from Marks and Spencer:

Photo 12-09-2012 17 30 44

I love Marks and Spencer foods! I got a wholegrain salad with beetroot and tahini drizzle and some melon and grapes. Then I sat in Starbucks for an hour before yoga with my notepad while I listened to IIN lectures. This week we are studying raw foods, and speaking of which I really loved a slice of my raw millionaires shortbread with a peach, nectarine and green smoothie on the side for breakfast:

Photo 13-09-2012 06 38 07

On the other hand, I also loved a bowl of warm creamy heaven as well!

Photo 12-09-2012 06 50 07

This was a bowl of porridge with some full fat Greek yoghurt and vanilla bean extract stirred in topped with fresh figs, tahini and maple syrup.

The big pan of veggie chilli I made at the weekend has pretty much fed me all week long, as well as for dinner I’ve had it at work for lunch with some homemade raw flax and juice pulp crackers:

Photo 13-09-2012 12 12 49

And a random but delicious dinner last night was thick little omelette made with two farm eggs and red onion topped with some hummus accompanied by spinach and beetroot:

Photo 13-09-2012 18 01 24

Looks so weird but tastes good!

This weeks workouts:

  • Saturday – 30 Day Shred Level 2
  • Sunday – REST
  • Monday – 5 min warm up on cross trainer, workout 1, 10 min HIIT on bike
  • Tuesday – 20 minutes cardio on machines in gym, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday – Hot yoga class at Yogalilies 
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – 5 min warm up on cross trainer, workout 2, 10 min HIIT on bike

I had such a great yoga class again this week. I made a new friend which is always good as I still get a little nervous going into classes where I don’t know anyone especially when partner poses are concerned! We focused on our core and ended with a 9 pose sequence on each side which left my legs trembling, I still have the DOMS in my thighs and tummy today!

On the Love List this week…

Photo 13-09-2012 06 45 36

The darker mornings do make it more difficult to get up at 6am, however sunrises as beautiful as that make it a lot easier, also…

Oversize jumpers // ankle boots // Two Door Cinema Club’s new album Beacon // getting the hang of meditating // writing in my journal // my best friends 1 month old baby girl opening her eyes and looking at me // kisses from my nephews when I say good bye // making plans for our trip to Brighton soon

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Anyone else think of Marks and Spencer foods as treats? ;-) 

I have a great weekend planned including a blogger meet up which I’m very much looking forward too, hope you all have a great one and good luck to any one doing the Great North Run on Sunday!