Now before you click away let me explain…


I was first introduced to the idea of adding a fat source to my coffee when the lovely JAG tweeted about Bulletproof Coffee. I had never heard of bulletproof coffee, and as a coffee lover I was intrigued so went to find out more.

The details of the original Bulletproof Coffee concept seems to be routed within the Paleo / Primal diet and involves blending high quality coffee with quite a lot of grass fed butter and a little coconut oil. The idea is that this drink provides a high amount of quality fats in an easy to consume form which is of particular benefit to those looking to fuel workouts and get plenty of their energy requirements from fat.

Photo 22-07-2012 12 12 18

The idea of adding butter to the coffee seemed a bit too much for me, however the idea of the coconut oil sounded quite amazing. As I’ve been blogging about recently, I am looking to increase the amount of fat in my diet and get more of my overall energy from fats rather than carbohydrates. This is for a couple of reasons, a) I feel fuller and have better energy levels when I don’t eat quite as many carbs and b) I am still working on sorting out my amenorrhea and increasing fat in the diet has been shown to help with this.

Even before I’d heard of bulletproof coffee I had been adding tinned coconut milk to coffee, just not blending it:

Photo 16-07-2012 07 01 17

As delicious as that is I found out that blending it is the key to making it out of this world good!

I decided to start by blending just half a tbsp of coconut oil with two cups of freshly brewed coffee. It created a creamy ‘head’ on the coffee and subtle coconut flavour. It was then that I wondered what blended cacao butter would taste like.


It was good, very very good!

Photo 26-07-2012 07 23 54

The cacao butter version is definitely my favourite, it gives the coffee a delicious deep chocolately taste and a great smooth texture.

Finally I also got round to blending with full fat tinned coconut milk. I tried it plain and with some vanilla bean paste:

Photo 06-08-2012 08 06 37

I served this one over ice. Absolute heaven!

To sum up these are the exact versions I have tried, each time using hot organic coffee. This is my favourite coffee at the moment:

Photo 27-08-2012 08 15 48

I use two heaping tbsp of ground coffee in a 4 cup size cafetiere then add a sweetener such as a couple of drops of vanilla stevia.

Variations I’ve tried:

  • Raw cacao butter – about 10 grams – I have a block and use a veggie peeler to shave off flakes of the butter as its hard at room temperature
  • Coconut Oil – 1/2 tbsp and 1 tbsp –both amounts worked well
  • Full Fat tinned coconut milk – 100mls or about the same amount that has been frozen into ice cubes

Add the hot coffee, the fat, sweetener and if you like, a little vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste and blend on high. The coffee should have a nice foamy head on it! You can then serve as is or pour over ice (make your coffee double strength if you’re going to ice it) and enjoy.

I’ve particularly been enjoying this before a workout as it makes great fuel for my body!

Have you ever heard of the Bulletproof Coffee phenomena? What are you thoughts on it? Would you be tempted to try this?