Hello everyone, hope you are having a splendid Sunday! So far today I’ve pottered about on the internet getting some tasks done, made a green juice and strong black coffee before heading to the gym for kettlecise and then enjoyed these amazing pancakes:

Photo 21-10-2012 11 26 55

I mixed 1 scoop of Life’s Basics unsweetened vanilla protein powder with 6 tbsp of egg whites, 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 tsp of baking powder and vanilla stevia then topped with warm berries and peanut sauce. I love pancakes! I also love coffee, especially when it is served at Starbucks and its pumpkin spice flavour:

Photo 20-10-2012 08 51 20

Oh yes I had my first pumpkin spice latte! It was lovely, perhaps a little bit too sweet but still delicious. I had that yesterday on a trip to town with James. OOTD:

Photo 20-10-2012 08 22 23 (1)Hooded leather jacket: Topshop, floral dress: Vintage from Beyond Retro, heart pendant: Topshop, wide black belt: thrifted, black cross body bag: H&M, black suede style booties: Primark 

I just love that dress! It was one of the things I bought on holiday from Beyond Retro in Soho. It could not be more perfect :-)

I got a few bits and pieces in town including some great bargains and a gift from James:

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Business card wallet: gift from James from Paperchase, Erase Paste and Black liquid eyeliner: Benefit, burgundy soft skinny trousers: New Look
  2. Vintage picture frames: charity shop, yellow satchel: H&M, black wool hat: H&M, naked shine conditioner: Boots
  3. Regency photo frames: Urban Outfitters (I got 3 for £10)

James was so sweet to surprise me with the gift – he wanted to get me something I can put my new business cards in bless him :-) I was also really chuffed with the bag and hat from H&M on the buy one get one free accessories sale deal and the vintage picture frames are going to look great by the time I’m finished with them!

Most of my eats have been pretty standard stuff:

Photo 20-10-2012 13 56 06Giant salad with harissa hummus, beets and olives

Photo 20-10-2012 17 22 11Steamed tempeh with gingery peanut sauce, brown rice and steamed broccoli

I decided to try steaming the tempeh rather than frying it or baking it. It gave it rather a nice taste and texture – more moist than baking it which can sometimes leave it a bit dry.

I’ve been having bowls of semi frozen berries mixed with Greek yoghurt so that it goes like ice cream:

Photo 19-10-2012 18 20 53

I’ve also been enjoying several of these babies:

Photo 19-10-2012 19 40 30

Microwave protein cakes! Yet another thing I used to eat more regularly in the past. I made this one based on this recipe from the wonderful Purely Twins. My version is 1 tbsp of cocoa powder, 1 tbsp of mesquite, 1 tbsp of hemp protein powder, 1 tbsp of egg white, 1/4 tsp of baking soda, 20 drops of liquid stevia, 3 tbsp of water well combined and poured into a little ramekin and microwaved on high for 60 seconds. I have to say this turned out perfectly! I topped with some peanut flour ‘frosting’. I’m pretty sure that you could leave out the mesquite and just add an extra 1/2 tbsp of cocoa and protein powder in its place. So glad I’ve tried these again they will definitely be making a reappearance just like the egg white and spelt wraps!

I’m looking forward to chilling out for the rest of the day and getting myself prepared for the week ahead. How have you spent your weekend? What was the last bargain you bagged?