Hello! Today I would like to share some information with you around getting started with running. As longer time readers of the blog will know, I am a huge fan of running, even if I have to lay off it a bit right now. I know that a lot of people would like to start running and perhaps need that little bit extra motivation or are just not sure where to start. Hopefully this post will help and inspire you!



Running: what you need to know

So what do you need to know before you get started? Well, you’ll need the right kit to ensure you are comfortable, warm enough, and that your feet are well-supported. Using the categories on a site that specialises in footwear for running will help you navigate your way through all the different types of women’s trainers out there, and settle on the ones that are right for your terrain of choice. 

Once you’ve got your footwear sorted, the rest is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got an outfit you’d normally wear for the gym or to work out at home, just pull that on. Do bear in mind that a sports bra is an essential bit of kit, even if you’re not particularly big-chested. Layering is a great idea as you may be cold when you start but you’ll soon warm up – which could be a problem if you’re wearing a big hoody with nothing underneath!

Planning your running route goes hand in hand with deciding on which trainers to buy, as you’ll need to know what type of terrain you’ll be covering, but deciding where you’ll be heading before you set off is important for another reason too: you should tell a friend or family member, especially if you’re running at night. Safety first!

What can running do for you? As Bupa discusses here, running is a form of cardiovascular exercise that increases your fitness levels by raising your heart rate and giving your heart muscle a good workout. It improves your circulation and will also reduce the risk of you having a heart attack, angina, high blood pressure or a stroke. The benefits of running can really show on your face, and your body, too. Thanks to the circulation-boosting effects of the activity, your skin will look healthier and more vibrant, according dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD.

Running can also be fantastic for your mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation, exercise releases natural feel-good chemicals in your brain, and it provides you with an escape boost from the stresses of everyday life. The organisation lists some of the benefits of exercise, which include: a natural to your energy levels, better sleep, a feeling of having achieved something, better focus and motivation, and a decrease in feelings of anger and frustration.


I think that information is really practical, as well as giving us quite a few good reasons to get out there. For me, there is nothing that beats that feeling you get after an awesome run, I can definitely feel the affects of those natural feel good chemicals!

Is running something that you would like to try? Experienced runners – what would be your top tip for a new runner? If you run, what benefits do you get from it?

*this post is in partnership with Up and Running